Angular4 automatic forms validation messages

I'm diving into Angular4 forms validation. I was wondering if there is any library that introduce validation of controls in a template driven form. What I'm looking for is a library that insert automatically the "Required." text field for every form...
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2017-10-04 22:10 (1) Answers

show value in a field after submit in php

I am having issues in retaining the value in the form field after the user has clicked on submit and has to return back to the same as some error in validation is presented to the user. I have gone through the link below:- Keep text in text field aft...
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2017-10-04 22:10 (0) Answers

DatePickerDialog in Android, date validation

I have a simple activity where a user needs to choose date(date only, without time). I need to make a correct validation. Firstly, i thought to put dayOfMonth, monthOfYear and year into 3 different Text View, then using "if else" write conditions suc...
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2017-10-04 20:10 (2) Answers

Does Pymongo have validation rules built in?

I am trying to validate an inserted document against a schema, and was trying to find a way to validate the inserted document. There are libraries like MongoEngine that say they do the work, but is there a way to do document validation directly via...
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2017-10-04 17:10 (1) Answers

Symfony form validation pass array values

I'm new to Symfony. Here I'm trying to validate JSON parameters but I can't read array values. customer is my json object without array it's working. If I add array for bulk data insert I can't read array values. My code: $mydata = $request->ge...
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2017-10-04 12:10 (0) Answers

hibernate validator and WAS 8.5

I am also facing an issue with hibernate-validator 5.0.0 and WAS 8.5 . @safeHTML annotation does not work. There are no errors but the validations are not enforced. It works in TOMCAT but not in WAS 8.5. It's a Rest service using SPRING 4. @Req...
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2017-10-03 15:10 (0) Answers

Laravel form array validation

I need some help for validating my form with Laravel 5.4. My form: {{Form::bsText('general[firstname]')}} {{Form::bsText('general[lastname]')}} Then I have a RequestObject for the validation with the following rules: 'general[firstname]' =>...
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2017-10-03 11:10 (5) Answers

Try and Catch laravel it's not working for me

i've a little problem, I'm trying to add the validations (Try and Catch) on my laravel project, the problem is that in some controllers works fine, but in a specific doesn't work, the validation is when try to load a page, and something went wrong, t...
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2017-10-02 20:10 (1) Answers

Symfony override third-party bundle validation

if I am extending a third-party bundle's entity, how can I change/override validation for a specific property using annotations (leaving the current validation intact)? Thanks. EDIT: in this case I am overriding the FOSUserBundle and the validation...
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2017-10-02 14:10 (1) Answers

String Validation

How do you validate a string to check if it has only uppercase letters? And how do you check if it has both uppercase and lowercase letters? cout << "Enter state name or state abbr:" << " " << endl; cin >> st; if ((st == sta...
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2017-10-02 09:10 (1) Answers

Errors aren't showing when validation failed

dump($request->all()); function doesn't execute If validation is failed. Instead I have redirect to previous page. That's OK. But... An errors list doesn't appear and <div class="alert alert-danger"> row missing in html code. Session is star...
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2017-10-01 21:10 (1) Answers