Sorting table with PHP

How to sort table in php? I have code like this <th>$ATTT[0]</th> <td>".number_format($HA[0], 3, '.', ',')."</td> <td class='jumlah'>1</td> </tr> <th>$ATTT[1]</th>...
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2017-03-29 05:03 (1) Answers

Laravel DebugBar Conflict with Tablesorter?

I've been using Mottie's excellent tablesorter for a long time. Working great. I've just added Barryvdh's laravel-debugbar, and found that package fantastic as well. I am finding a conflict on some pages however. The tablesorter pagination mechan...
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2017-03-14 19:03 (0) Answers

Adding class to TableSorter filter widget inputs?

Does anyone has an idea on how to add unique class to input field of the filter widget. I got dynamic table with some hidden columns which users can add or remove at their side along with default columns that are shown. I managed to accomplish wi...
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2016-11-16 22:11 (1) Answers

tablesorter plugin, i am not able to make it work

i am new to coding and i dnt know my issue might be simple, but i have started to learn coding recently. for my simple application i want to sort table and have a search box for it. i have tried downloading latest jquery.tablesorter.js, widgets-fi...
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2016-11-01 15:11 (1) Answers