I work with Deliverability for an ESP. Our clients are usually Swedish companies, but a few months ago we began to work with some US companies as well. Since last month we have a problem with our domains used in emails. We are receiving a bad sc...
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2017-09-05 14:09 (0) Answers

How to validate name field to avoid numbers

How can I easily validate the name input on the form using bootstrap or php? I want this field to reject all numbers 0-9. Can you please help me out? Here is the field, which is a part of the form I use: <input class="form-control" id="name" pla...
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2017-04-17 11:04 (4) Answers

How can I secure a "Send a Referral" email form?

A client of mine has requested that I add a "send a referral" page to their website. This will contain a form that lets a user enter their name and email address as well as a friend's name and email address. When they submit the form, an email will b...
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2017-03-25 02:03 (1) Answers

This Javascript used to work, but now it doesn't

I've had this Javascript code on my web site for years and it worked. It is written to help filter out email spam bots; <script type="text/javascript"> emailserver = "website.com" emailE = "Maria@" + emailserver document.write("<A href=" +...
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2017-02-19 23:02 (1) Answers

Emails marked as spam in gmail

I am recieving mails sent to here in spam folder .I have shifted our email services to google mail.And this started happening since. <?php $message = "Our New app"; $to='myname@adapty.com'; $subject="New Mail"; $from = 'n...
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2017-01-03 10:01 (2) Answers

How to safely display an email address (spamproof)

A similar question has been asked, but it was 6 years ago and there hasn't been any recent answers to the problem since then. I know the smarter way of allowing visitors to email via a website would be a contact form or a captcha to display the email...
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2017-01-03 07:01 (1) Answers

Send DKIM signed mails from PHP?

I'm currently sending email messages such as password reset emails or confirmations and notifications from my website through PHP's mail() function. I'm already specifying Return-path and Reply-to headers. I'm sending emails like this: $to = "some...
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2016-12-05 23:12 (0) Answers

Check if a user has a Business

I'm working on a mobile application and I need a way to check if a user is a professional, I mean if he has a business, a shop or as freelance. I just need a way to avoid peoples to create fakes business. Any idea ? Is there any method, online serv...
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2016-11-07 14:11 (0) Answers

Should a logo be a separate image in a html email?

I'm probably thinking about this too much. I'm creating an HTML5 Email template and the logo sits just above the hero image which has a white background. Should a logo be in a separate image than the hero image? I'm wondering what the pros/cons of ...
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2016-09-27 12:09 (2) Answers