Use permalinks in config.yml

My categories correspond to my menu items. In my config.yml I specified for example: menu: - name: phones - slug: phones - url: /categories/phones Now how do I "remove" categories in the URL, so instead of the men...
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2017-08-08 23:08 (0) Answers

What for to replace decimal points in URL slugs

I've a lot of articles about some financial reports and data that often includes percentages or other data written in decimal format, like "xxx raised 10.45%" or "quality incresed 1.25 times" etc. For now I can think of the following options: /xxx-...
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2017-08-07 01:08 (0) Answers

call wordpress permalink function via php

I have a custom slug generator in php, it works most of the cases like the wp internal permalink maker but sometimes it fails to produce identical slugs with that of wordpress. function makePerma( $string, $separator = '-' ) { $accents_r...
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2017-08-04 22:08 (0) Answers

Change directory url to be same as page permalink?

I have a page with permalink set in the dashboard to that has links to pdf reports located in There is not a reports directory on the server and creating one in the root directory obviously breaks the...
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2017-05-16 19:05 (0) Answers

How to add more slugs to one permalink

I want my permalink to be accessable via more than one slug. For example: or To explain my problem: My customer gets an email and he can participate at a quick survey. The email should cont...
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2017-05-11 14:05 (1) Answers

Change URL of products in WooCommerce

My WooCommerce products link are like this: I want to change them to: I tried permalink option in setting but failed. how can I do that? ...
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2017-03-12 23:03 (1) Answers

WordPress URL rewrite query vars

Hi I'm using WordPress and themify-ultra theme. I create 3 page (not post) to read, using php, my db and print the result. To pass the value I create link like this: $params = array('family' => $link_name); <a href='" . add_query_arg($params,...
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2017-02-16 09:02 (0) Answers

wordpress url category with subcategory

Is it possible to generate these URL's with Wordpress Categories and Subcategories: The are two main-categories: BOY and GIRL and every main-categories have the same sub-categories: Boys > Shoes | Jeans | Jackets Girls > Shoes | Jeans | Jackets I...
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2017-01-24 13:01 (1) Answers

Wrong Image URL path - Wordpress

All images have a wrong URL path in the media library. I already checked the wp_options and the domain url is correct. How to fix this? expected output http:/...
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2016-12-22 09:12 (1) Answers

Jekyll Blog Contact Page Permalink not Working

I have my Jekyll blog set up here: My blog I forked this blog theme from and created a github pages for it using the Master branch and changed the name of the repository to 'blog'. My repo is used ...
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2016-12-21 04:12 (2) Answers