Merging multiple sql update statements(Oracle)

I'm not very good at sql and I've tried a few things. What would be the best way to combine these 5 update statements into a single statement considering performance of the code? Would be a great help. Thank you so much! Code: ----------------1 Up...
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2017-10-04 12:10 (3) Answers

Loop is taking too long to process

I am using following to code to arrange the array of contacts in sections (for e.g. contact with prefix "A" should show under "A" section). If there are contacts 4-5 hundred then it takes 20 sec to process. Can you please check what is issue here? ...
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2017-10-04 09:10 (2) Answers

R vectorization implementation in a function

I am having trouble to understand how to take advantages of R vectorization to do what I wanted in a more efficient way. Briefly, for each line, I want to compare the 2nd column ($start) of current line with $start of the previous and next line (al...
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2017-10-02 14:10 (1) Answers

OIM Performance Tuning

We have OIM 11g server deployed over Weblogic and configured with Oracle 11g Database We have a large Users base of around 150k Users We have front-end application as OIM-SCIM client. Whenever a new user registers, the Client calls OIM-SCIM Create Us...
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2017-09-25 20:09 (1) Answers

Data frame to nested list

I have a dataframe which I read from a .csv file and looks like this: job name `phone number` <chr> <chr> <int> 1 developer john 654 2 developer mike 3...
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2017-09-25 16:09 (2) Answers

How to measure the quality of my code?

I have some experience with coding but one of the biggest questions which annoying me is how to improve my code. I every time check the complexity, readability and the correctness of the code but my question is how I can measure the size and the tim...
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2017-09-24 15:09 (3) Answers

React bind method

In React.js you better define your method binding in the constructor like this: constructor(props){ this.poo = this.poo.bind(this); } it's better for performance than binding in the render method. So what about the arrow function poo = () =&g...
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2017-09-24 10:09 (1) Answers

Benchmarking GHC compilation times

My Haskell program takes too long to compile. By that, I mean: It's been over a year since I've been able to compile with -O1. Last time I tried, I set up a 64gb server just to compile my program, and let it run overnight. It ran out of memory. I'm...
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2017-09-22 01:09 (1) Answers

Link set of words on webpage

What is the optimal way (performance wise) of creating a script (DOM manipulation, jQuery etc) to look over the text in a webpage and surround a set of string in an <a> tag, given that the page might have dynamically loaded content. For exampl...
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2017-09-20 18:09 (0) Answers

Optimizing function speed on 3D array

I am applying a user-defined function to individual cells of a 3D array. The contents of each cell are one of the following possibilities, all of which are character vectors because of prior formatting: "N" "A" "" "1" "0" I want to create a new 3...
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2017-09-18 20:09 (1) Answers

python numpy speed up 2d duplicate search

I need to find duplicates in a 2d numpy array. As a result i want a list of the same length as the input which points to the first occurrence of the corresponding value. For example the array [[1, 0, 0], [1, 0, 0], [2, 3, 4]] has two equal elements 0...
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2017-09-18 19:09 (3) Answers

Make sampling run faster

I need to extract 2Mil observations out of 23Mil data set. Using the code below it takes a lot of time to get it done. On Xeon CPU with 16GB RAM it's still running after 12 hours. I also noticed that the CPU is running at only 25% and HD is on 43%. H...
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2017-09-17 08:09 (3) Answers