Not able to write in /dev/mem

The issue that I am experimenting is not related with open() or mmap() function, which are executed properly. I have disabled CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM in the kernel so I can read from /dev/mem without problems. Actually, I can do the following: const ch...
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2017-10-04 17:10 (0) Answers

How to use single key value pair to ssh in cluster

I have to configure hadoop cluster. For that it is required that all systems should be able to ssh each other in passwordless mode. Due to security, I have allowed only key based ssh (no password). There are 5 systems in cluster. I have to generated ...
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2017-10-04 08:10 (0) Answers

valgrind, total heap usage keeps increasing

Please take as an example below. It seems there is no memory leak but why total heap usage and bytes allocated keeps increasing? If I remove first part(test1), valgrind result does not show any increasing heap and always total heap usage: 1 allocs, 1...
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2017-10-02 10:10 (1) Answers

oracle 11g long startup after shutdown abort

I meant shutdown database with shutdown immediate,but it not finish after 20min.Then I use shutdown abort to shutdown it. when I start,it take 3-4 hours to change mount status to open. below is alter.log: Startedredoapplicationat Thread1:logseq189...
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2017-09-27 11:09 (1) Answers

PHP not working after MacOS update to High Sierra

I updated my mac to newest version of os. When I try to run PHP project, browser shows the php code instead of interpreting it. I noticed that in new OS php is in version 7.1. I installed 5.6 (it's required for me) using homebrew and change module in...
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2017-09-27 00:09 (3) Answers

how can i send binary data with php pdo_dblib?

php 5.6 \ pdo_dblib \ freetds Windows SQLSRV driver has special constant for binary type: $stmt = $conn->prepare("EXEC proc @fileData = ?"); $stmt->bindParam(1, $fileData, PDO::PARAM_LOB, 0, PDO::SQLSRV_ENCODING_BINARY); $stmt->execute();...
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2017-09-22 20:09 (0) Answers

Can mmap on Mac return null?

Both the Linux manpage and the POSIX standard specify that, so long as the MAP_FIXED flag isn't provided, mmap is guaranteed to not return memory starting at address 0. However, no such guarantee is documented in the Mac mmap manpage. I'm not sure h...
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2017-09-22 01:09 (1) Answers

installing pdo_odbc in centos 7

Found this for installing the driver. I has a link for the list of packages found here. From the link i downloaded the php-odbc-5.4.16-42.el7.x86_64.rpm using wget
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2017-09-21 05:09 (0) Answers

Is it possible to parse pcap packets from buffer

I have a bunch of huge pcap files (> 10GB) that are compressed with lzma. I need to parse them on my machine, and I do not have enough space to uncompress them first. There are many libs that can stream lzma from file. The problem is on libpcap side,...
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2017-09-20 13:09 (1) Answers

Linux - Sending packets from inside the kernel

I'm need to create a loadable kernel module which sends data to another remote computer. I'm writing to 4.10 kernel. I tried the netpoll API but all I got was errors and I can't find any new and up-do-date information about socket programming insi...
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2017-09-19 14:09 (0) Answers

Django: authorization based on unix groups

Background: I have a large shared disk area where standard unix groups are used to control access; i.e. to access disk area: /storage/X you have to be member of the group which owns the directory /project/X. I know want to make a web application wh...
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2017-09-19 08:09 (0) Answers

PHP-ODBC Driver Install Issue

I'm banging my head on the keyboard... :-( I'm trying to install php-odbc so I can use the odbc_connect() functions that worked like a beauty on a WAMP install. There seems to be a mass dependency rabbit hole and it won't let me install... I can't ...
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2017-09-18 23:09 (1) Answers

pip install : issue with the ssl certificate

I'm using Debian 9 and I have installed Python 3.6.2 and pip 9.0.1. Still, there is a problem when I want to install modules like numpy, scipy or matplotlib. I always get the following error when I use the pip install command: pip is configured w...
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2017-09-18 17:09 (1) Answers

Mmap allocating more than one page

So I'm on x86-64 linux, and when I try to mmap one byte, I get way more than one page. Here's my thinking: When I allocate one byte, I should be able to access PAGE_SIZE bytes after that. That's how paging works, right? I confirmed that PAGE_SIZE on ...
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2017-09-18 11:09 (1) Answers