IOS setting the Storyboard built layout as rtl

I have built a storyboard as a RTL layout in consideration for use in a single language(hebrew), Now i need to add an english option but the autolayout is mirroring in opposite as natively the storyboard is LTR, In sum, i have an RTL on a LTR story...
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2017-04-30 12:04 (0) Answers

Swift 3 setResourceValues for URL in iOS9

I need to mark one of my file urls to not be backup up: // Offers covenience method to disable iCloud and restore backup. extension URL { /// Disables iCloud and restore backup. /// /// - Returns: Flag indicating success. @discardab...
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2017-03-06 12:03 (0) Answers

ios Facebook SDK share error on ios9

Back to Dec 2016 my iOS Application still working fine. But now i detected that share function not work. Nothing changed in my source code here is Log i got from Device console : Feb 13 23:16:48 duc-lans-iPad Facebook[3787] : -canOpenURL: faile...
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2017-02-13 16:02 (0) Answers

IOS make phone with * ? IOS

I am using the bellow code to make a call: let phoneUrl = URL(string: "telprompt:"+phoneNumber) if phoneUrl != nil { if UIApplication.shared.canOpenURL(phoneUrl!){ UIApplication.shared.openURL(url) } } the problem: ...
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2017-01-31 14:01 (0) Answers

Google Analytics with Swift 3 iOS 9

I tried to find informations about how to use Google Analytics with Swift 3, and even if it looks like some people succeeded, I can't make it work myself. The Google Analytics documentation doesn't help, it's only for working for Swift 2. I used th...
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2017-01-21 17:01 (2) Answers