Scraping specific text from a webpage using xpath

I've searched and tried multiple ways to get this but I'm not sure why it won't find most of the information on the webpage. Page to scrape: Info needed: Version number for PhotoDirect for Apple (currently 4.4.0) ...
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2017-10-04 23:10 (1) Answers

how can i measure cursor position in a div..?

i don't know what should be the question title..sorry for this. but i explain that what i want to do. i have a div with class name "scroll-inner-container" this div height is 70vh. when my mouse hover into this div from top to 10% (this is the mouse ...
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2017-10-04 20:10 (2) Answers

Error Facebok Share encoding comma character %2C

I'm having a problem with the text(title and description) of a facebook share personalized botton That's it: 1. With Javascript I create a URL with encodeURIComponent: an I have a GET element like this: nome=Panfocaccia%20Con%20Pollo%20Alla%20Piastr...
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2017-10-04 19:10 (0) Answers

How to merge cells vertically in outlook

Is it possible to merge two cells vertically and keep the text in Outlook 2016? 1. 2.Click merge cells Text disappears Alternatively, it appears impossible to get this table to appear correctly in an email (in notepad++, choose Run/Send via...
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2017-10-04 15:10 (1) Answers

Select specific quantity of li in ul block

I have an ul-block in wich there are 15 li positions. First 5 li-s are pre-shown, another 10 are hidden. I have a function that toggles this UL - and if i click the button - it shows that 10 li-s but hides first 5. I need such Jquery selector, so ...
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2017-10-04 12:10 (4) Answers

How do I display message on the same page?

I have a quick question about my form. After submitting the form you will be directed to a page followed by the text that I put in. The problem is that I want this text to be displayed on the same page as where the form is on (named contact.html) I u...
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2017-10-04 12:10 (2) Answers

vw on osx capped at 1440px?

Today I noticed that on my windows pc with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, websites with 100vw render as you would expect, with body @ width: 1920px... However, swap over to mac with resolution of 2880 x 1800 and even though screen zoom is set to 100% t...
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2017-10-04 09:10 (2) Answers

css selector - get the value

What is the css selector to get the text value '2017-10-09' ? <div class="col-xs-6"> <strong> <!--ko text: date --> 2017-10-09 <!--/ko--> <!--ko text: time --> ...
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2017-10-03 12:10 (2) Answers

How to add json value in P tag in Javascript

Onclick of some tab I am creating para tag and on that I want to add some text. How to add those value dynamically. Here is what I am trying. Onclick of tab I am calling this method. SomeMethod = function(){ var para = document.createElemen...
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2017-10-03 08:10 (5) Answers

JQuery conditional handler

I need to select a li element based on a "aria-selected" attribute that is affected to this element after its initialization by a plugin (specifically, it's a JQuery UI tab element, I want to handle the click on "selected" tabs, and those tabs are ad...
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2017-10-03 07:10 (3) Answers

saveSnapshot does not work after modifying the DOM

I have a web site with inline CKEditors, on which I modify the HTML DOM with javascript and then try to fire the saveSnapshot event to save the modifications to the server. And here's the tricky part; if I make only one DOM change (remove an element)...
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2017-10-02 23:10 (1) Answers

Change color of a input value represented as text

I created a interest calculator and i want the money amount and interest to turn to color green and not the whole text string. So far I've tried with different type of dom manipulations, but haven't been successful in singeling out these two values...
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2017-10-02 22:10 (1) Answers

JQUERY DOM: Select Elements Created After Dom Load

I am working on a project where I need to change the value of all select inputs of a certain class when a function is called. The problem is some of the select inputs do not exist when the dom is first loaded, they are created dynamically via Javasc...
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2017-10-02 16:10 (1) Answers

Check if array value is included in string

I'm working on some client side validation for a contact form of sorts, the website currently isn't online so server side isn't relevant. I am trying to create a 'word filter' to catch on any abusive of obscene language before the form is 'submitted...
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2017-10-02 15:10 (2) Answers

Laravel Blade Using custom function

I have a blade where I'm printing the content of a table. For some columns I need to add the CSS class according the value I'm printing. E.g. if it's "OK", add class Green, otherwise class red. Of course the logic will be more complex, but the point...
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2017-10-02 13:10 (2) Answers

Html pattern matching event

Is it possible to call some javascript function instantly once the pattern is matched in input field? Is there any specific event for that? <input type="text" class="form-control" name="zipcode" pattern="^[1-9][0-9]{3}\s?[a-z|A-Z]{2}$" (keyup.ent...
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2017-10-02 11:10 (1) Answers

Flex-box items don't re-render correctly on chrome

I came across different browser behaviors when programmatically changing dimensions or the position property of flex-box items. The layout doesn't return to its original state on Chrome. In this pen, when the user clicks an image, I'm changing the i...
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2017-10-02 10:10 (1) Answers

About RewriteRule and .htaccess

I have a problem: I want to rewrite this: or to: or So I want the GET from the subpage to be displayed as a main page, does anyone know how? ...
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2017-10-02 00:10 (1) Answers