how to get resource's availability using web api?

CRM 2016 exposes odata/web api, and has functions and actions out of the box. With the organization service, we can issue a request like this: // Create the van required resource object. RequiredResource vanReq = new RequiredResource { Resourc...
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2017-10-03 21:10 (0) Answers

Show current date time from CRM in the front end?

I have the logic below the Answer Value in CRM is 01/08/2015 23:00:00, however in the front end changes the expiry date to show 02/08/2015, its adding 1 day not sure why, how would I show the same date from CRM? below is my code, do I have to do belo...
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2017-08-18 13:08 (2) Answers

Built in email recipient for CRM dynamics 365

I have been working with SharePoint and there we used to send outgoing emails using system built-in email '' for outgoing emails. Do we have something similar here? I want to send email notifications using a workflow but ...
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2016-12-27 12:12 (0) Answers