Oracle SQL date between not showing

This is what I have in my table: What I want to get is everything which SESSIONDATE is on JUNE, I using my code: SELECT * FROM CONFERENCESESSION WHERE SESSIONDATE BETWEEN '01-06-17' AND '30-06-17'; But the result is empty as I didn't get anythin...
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2017-09-12 08:09 (2) Answers

between statement not working properly in php pdo

I m using the 'BETWEEN' statement in php data objects to show posts made between 2 specific dates, but however, 'date from' is not working, although 'date to' is working properly, if I only set 'date from', nothing is displayed, but if I only set 'da...
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2017-03-13 09:03 (1) Answers

SQL check if done within a month

I'm supposed to have it present me an address of a property which had people move in within a month after it was listed. SELECT rp.rp_street, rp.rp_city, rp.rp_state, rp.rp_zipcode FROM dbo.rentproperty rp INNER JOIN dbo.rental r ON (rp.rp_propertyn...
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2017-02-10 18:02 (1) Answers

sql get all dates between two table dates

another SQL challenge! I want to write a MySQL query that gets all days between two dates in one record. opening_times id | begin | end 1 | 10:00:00 | 17:00:00 2 | 10:00:00 | 18:00:00 3 | 10:00:00 | 19:00:00 opening_periods...
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2017-01-26 22:01 (1) Answers

Ms Access list all dates between two given dates

using query only, how can I list all dates between two given dates in ms access database? Most of the solutions in other websites are given for databases other than ms access. The purpose of this is to create frontDesk datagridview for rooms reservat...
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2017-01-23 22:01 (0) Answers

Search data between two timestamp in oracle

I am trying to search data between two dates, but it retrieving old data where not in the range i gave? kindly advice me how to re-write the below query logic select * from Users where TO_CHAR(Users.lastloggedindate,'dd-MON-yy HH.MI.SS') between '1...
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2017-01-19 08:01 (1) Answers

SQL query Where Between two input

I am trying to make a search box but I am facing an issue. Here's the query i am using, I am getting the search query from database,But query is not taking the Fiyat(price),meterekare,odasayisi values from database My question is that Why I am unabl...
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2017-01-06 22:01 (0) Answers

SQL Between query not work properly

SELECT * FROM `incomes` WHERE incomeDate BETWEEN '28-12-2016' and '31-01-2017' This query not work but When i do below query it show result SELECT * FROM `incomes` WHERE incomeDate BETWEEN '28-12-2016' and '31-12-2016' ...
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2017-01-02 05:01 (2) Answers

PHP list files in directory between time X and Y

I'm running a Raspberry Pi with two cameras attached to it, capturing photos every 5 minutes 24/7 for daily timelapse videos. What I'm trying to accomplish right now, is an option to filter out the night photos. The photos are stored in the format YY...
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2016-12-13 21:12 (0) Answers

Query - Between operator on PHP ADODB

I have a form with two datepicker (dd/mm/yyyy). Code: <label for="from">From Date:</label> <input type="text" id="from" name="from"> <label for="to">to Date:</label> <input type="text" id="to" name="to"> And...
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2016-11-07 11:11 (1) Answers

Mysql query date between in large table

my query is running about 10 seconds and that's unacceptable. I am looking for a way to improve this speed but i'm out of options. I have to find the records between now and 30 days back in a table over 12 million rows. The following query: SELECT...
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2016-11-02 11:11 (1) Answers

Where Clause - Between Condition Error

I'm trying to work on my query below on I have most of it right, but for some reason my BETWEEN condition is not working when trying to filter out the doesnt filter it at all. Can anyone take a look at my code below and let me know what ...
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2016-10-17 23:10 (1) Answers

sql date-time comparison of people

I want to make a list of people when they are working without a chef. sql table: people_id clock_in clock_out 1 2016-10-10 06:58:01.000 2016-10-10 14:59:01.000 1 2016-10-11 06:57:02.000 2016-10-11 14:58:23.000 .. 2 ...
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2016-10-11 16:10 (1) Answers