Basic Backpropagation Implementation Not Working

I'm in the early stages of understanding backpropagation and I attempted to implement it myself. The dataset I attempted to work with was the iris dataset of size (150, 4). I'm only worried about backpropagation and not gradient descent, so I'm j...
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2017-08-08 21:08 (1) Answers

Neural Network bad results

i am working on a neural network. I am exploring the effect of using a larger dataset for training. Currently i am getting crappy results. Any suggestions? I dont want to use any libraries other than numpy and please keep things simple. I am a GCSE s...
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2017-07-29 17:07 (1) Answers

How to correctly train my Neural Network

I'm trying to teach a neural network to decide where to go based on its inputted life level. The neural network will always receive three inputs [x, y, life]. If life => 0.2, it should output the angle from [x, y] to (1, 1). If life < 0.2, it s...
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2017-02-02 16:02 (1) Answers