Import works in Python but not IPython

No problem when I import in a python terminal: $ python Python 3.5.4 | packaged by conda-forge | (default, Aug 10 2017, 01:41:15) [GCC 4.2.1 Compatible Apple LLVM 6.1.0 (clang-602.0.53)] on darwin Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" fo...
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2017-08-15 20:08 (1) Answers

Anaconda keeps caching modules

How can I prevent Anaconda from caching my module? Every time that I make a change in a specific file in my codebase (for which the containing folder has a file), python does not recognize those changes and keeps executing the previous ve...
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2017-08-13 23:08 (1) Answers

Can't update to numpy 1.13 with anaconda?

PyPI has numpy 1.13.3 packages for a month now Anaconda cloud claims to have 1.13 But I just get 1.11.3-py35_0 when I use conda update numpy My environment: Windows 7 64 bit ...
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2017-08-09 23:08 (1) Answers

Error opening Anaconda package spykeviewer

I am running Anaconda on macOS Sierra utilising Python 2.7. I want to be able to run spykeviewer however I keep receiving this error: *Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/becky/anaconda/envs/spy...
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2017-07-31 13:07 (0) Answers

Reading .nc files by Python

I want to read .nc files by netCDF4 (using conda) but my files look like this: something.3520_nc What to do with this, it's still .nc file right? Should I rename it? Or after I downloaded it, is it important do save it on some special place? Can ...
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2017-05-25 21:05 (1) Answers

Clean the noisy data with pandas drop row

I am trying to reduce the noise from a large dataset with grammatical keywords. Is there a way to horizontally trim the data-set based on a particular set of keywords. Input: id1, id2, keyword, freq, gp1, gps2 222, 111, #paris, 100, loc1, loc2 ...
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2017-05-21 15:05 (4) Answers

Python pandas datareader isn't working

Today, I was grabbing stock data using Python's pandas_datareader. Funny thing is it worked just several hours ago, but now I'm not able to grab stock data from yahoo-finance, but I can with google. I then upgraded pandas datareader in my command ter...
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2017-05-17 00:05 (1) Answers

Conda and Visual Studio Code debugging

The goal is to be able to use my environment setup from Conda/Anaconda within the visual studio code debugger. The default pythonpath configuration does not produce this effect - rather it goes to the system default python path (what you get when you...
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2017-04-29 22:04 (1) Answers

Install python-igraph in Mac OSX Sierra

I have anaconda installed in my Mac. I am trying to install python-igraph. I tried the following commands to install it: $ brew install igraph $ pip install python-igraph My python setup: Python 2.7.13 |Anaconda custom (x86_64)| (default, Dec 20...
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2017-03-19 20:03 (1) Answers

Best Practices with Anaconda and Brew

I have just got a new Macbook with OSX Sierra, so want to ensure my development environment is setup properly. I am looking to follow the 'best practices' mentioned here: I need Python 2.x for work (urll...
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2017-03-17 15:03 (1) Answers

how to include numpy with cythonize-script?

Recently I start looking into Cython, and the Anaconda distribution have this handy script cythonize which allow to do >cythonize -i foo.pyx to compile files in place. My question is how I can use that script to include numpy so my cimport n...
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2017-03-17 05:03 (1) Answers

Can't update anaconda and python 3.6

I have Anaconda Python=2.7, and I try to install Anaconda Python 3.x but it says I just need to update the using conda update python=3.6 and I do this: $conda update anaconda but the result always: PackageNotFoundError: Package not found: 'a...
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2017-02-12 18:02 (0) Answers

How to uninstall Anaconda completely

How can I completely uninstall Anaconda from MacOS Sierra and revert back to the original Python? I have tried using conda-clean -yes but that doesn't work. I also remove the stuff in ~/.bash_profile but it still uses the Anaconda python and I can st...
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2017-02-12 00:02 (2) Answers

anaconda 4.3 pandas sum

I recently installed anaconda 4.3 and when I try to do a sum using df["x"].sum() or np.sum(df["x"]) with a pandas dataframe read from excel I get a wrong answer. I also get a wrong answer while trying to use np.sum(x) to sum a random array, but it wo...
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2017-02-10 19:02 (0) Answers

Issue Removing Anaconda from MacOS

I downloaded Anaconda Navigator to my Mac (macOS Sierra). I am trying to cleanly uninstall Anaconda so that there is no trace of it and so python reverts to how it was out-of-the-box. I have followed the instructions about Anaconda-Clean at this sit...
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2017-01-18 17:01 (1) Answers