PHP PDO Incorrect syntax near GO, MSSQL & sql_srv


I am having trouble executing a long MSSQL script using PHP and PDO.

It contains some batch statements separated by GO. The script runs if its executed in Management Studio.

I have ensured line endings are not causing the issue.

I have also tried to enable beginTransaction() before the request is executed. Which returns the following error: SQLSTATE[IMSSP]: This function is not implemented by this driver.

I'm using IIS8 and PHP 5.4.16 and the pdo_sqlsrv driver

First part of the script:

USE foo;

IF object_id(N'ToBit', N'FN') IS NOT NULL
  DROP Function dbo.ToBit


    @InputString varchar(250)
    DECLARE @OutputBit BIT
    SET @OutputBit = CASE 
                 WHEN (@InputString = 'yes') THEN 1
                 WHEN (@InputString = 'true') THEN 1
                 WHEN (@InputString = '1') THEN 1
                 ELSE 0
    RETURN @OutputBit

Is it down to the driver? I can't see why GO would require beginTransaction() being called? Other than that I'm out of ideas.

Update: I think I might have found an answer here. Will update if I find a soloutio. Incorrect syntax near 'GO'

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  1. 2017-01-06 15:01

    Have found an answer here by Jon Galloway

    GO isnt valid T-SQL, its a command used by SQLCMD and other utilities, and parsed before execution.

    It looks like there are a few options.

    1) Execute the script using OSQL / command line

    2) Split the script at each GO separator, then run them in sequence

    3) If using .NET you can look at using SQL Server Management Objects: Server.ConnectionContext.ExecuteNonQuery()

    This parsers T-SQL statements and "gets" the GO statement as a batch separator.

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