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I'm porting a MySQL database to Core Data for a Mac OS app. I have two many to many tables in my database. In addition to containing the foreign keys, there are a few data columns. Is it possible to add attributes to a many to many relationship in Core Data? It doesn't look like it to me. My fallback is to replicate the linkage table in Core Data. Are there any problems doing this?

An example: A record has one or more artists performing on it. An artist performs on zero or more records. The linkage table row contains a foreign key for the record, a foreign key for the artist, the instruments the player performed with, and a notes column that adds additional information such has which track the artist performed on.

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    You are correct: relationships themselves cannot have attributes. And you are on the right track in modelling the linking table as an intermediate entity. This approach is alluded to in the CoreData Programming Guide section on "Modelling a relationship based on its semantics". In their case, they model a (reflexive) many-many relationship from Person to Person using an intermediate FriendsInfo entity with a ranking attribute.

    In your example, you might have a Record entity, an Artist entity, and an intermediate Appearance entity. The Appearance entity would have attributes for Instruments and Notes, and (to-one) relationships to Record and Artist (each with a to-many inverse).

    The slight downside is that you have to create the Appearance object in order to link a Record object and an Artist object, rather than just adding them to the relevant relationship. You will also have to watch for uniqueness of the combination of Record/Artist, if that's important to you: by default there could be many Appearances for the same Record and Artist.

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