How to avoid if-statements in typescript-reactjs?


I have different types of action checks which does different functionalities, simply i made if and else condition to check the action type and do the relevant functionality like the below code snippet

public onMessage = (messageEvent) => {
    if ( === 'subscribeTriggers') {
    } else if ( === 'setGlobalFilters') {
    } else if ( === 'getGlobalFilters') {
    } else if ( === 'initFromGlobalFilters') {

Is there a better solution to handle this kind of scenario, as i have a potential of having more actions in future where i have to come and change the code again and again, which i felt is inefficient.

Between this onMessage function is used as a event listener for porthole library (Porthole is a small library for secure cross-domain iFrame communication.) which i used to communicate in my react app's iframe

Thanks in advance

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  1. 2017-01-06 10:01

    Objects in javascript can be seen as an associative array where the key is the name of the property or the function.

    So, you can make your call like this:


    WARNING (as noted by Joe Clay): with this syntax, every function of your object this is callable, so it can cause a "security breach", if this contains functions that you do not want to "expose".

  2. 2017-01-06 10:01

    Switch statements are your friend in situations like this:

    public onMessage = (messageEvent) => {
        switch ( {
            case "subscribeTriggers":
                return this.subscribeTriggers(messageEvent);
            case "setGlobalFilters":
                return this.setGlobalFilters(messageEvent);
            case "getGlobalFilters":
                return this.recieveGlobalFilters(messageEvent);
            case "initFromGlobalFilters":
                return this.initFromGlobalFilters(messageEvent);

    ADreNaLiNe-DJ's answer would also work if your messageEvent string always matches one of the methods on this - that feels a little hacky to me though, as it would basically mean if you had a this.definitelyNotAnEventHandler, you would still be able to call it through onMessage. I prefer the more explicit approach - that's just a matter of taste, though :)

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