ReactJS - render called, but DOM not updated


This has happened to me a few times. I have always managed to work around the issue, yet I am still intrigued to understand why this happens, and what I have missed.

Essentially if I have a condition within my render method which specifies the class for my div:

let divClass = this.state.renderCondition ? 'red' : 'blue';

By default I set renderCondition within my state to false.

If I then define an onClick handler on a button (as follows), and click the button, whilst render IS called, the DOM is NOT updated. That is to say the class does not change.

onClickCompile: function() {

   this.setState({renderCondition: true}, function() {


This seems to have something to do with running slow synchronous code in that if the code is quick and simple the DOM IS updated appropriately.

If I wrap the call to synchronousSlowFunction in a 500 millisecond timeout, everything works as expected. I would however like to understand what I have misunderstood such that I do not need this hack.

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