Multiple dashes in URL causes 404


Currently i'm rewriteting my titles to slug. But when i make a slug from a sentence with a dash in it. The dash is included in the slug.

So this Awesome Title - 2017 get's converted to the slug awesome-title---2017

I know it's a quick fix, but i was wondering why it's not a valid URL as it throws a 404 page.

Maybe it's related to the backbone history routing implementation,. which is implemented in the single-page-app.

The thing I can't explain, is that I use the slugs for the routing config, so it's feed with the url with the three dashes (, but when going to the url it gives and 404 error, while the one without dashes ( is working.

Are there some kind of automatic rewriting going on behind the scene in Backbone? or is the browser rewriting the url, because multiple dashes is invalid?

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