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I have a working CakePHP (2.5.6) project having Webzash (accounting software) installed and running as a plugin.

Now I want to add a new type of report in that Webzash but I am just unable to even edit the existing reports in the Webzash.

Does anyone know how to add/edit a plugin running on CakePHP ? Or is Webzash even editable ?!

I have been reading the Cookbook (2.x) and looking for solutions online but to no avail so here I am with my first ever question.

Any help would be highly appreciated !

Note: I tried adding the Webzash tag to this question but it doesn't let me as I don't have enough points. So if anyone can do that, they are welcome as it will help people in future as well :-)


Error: The action cashflow is not defined in controller ReportsController

Error: Create ReportsController::cashflow() in file: app/Controller/ReportsController.php

class ReportsController extends AppController {
public function cashflow() {
  • My code at app/Plugin/Webzash/Controller/ReportsController.php (since all other methods are called from this same controller)

    class ReportsController extends WebzashAppController { public function cashflow() { $this->set('title_for_layout', __d('webzash', 'Cashflow')); /* POST */ ... } }

  • The routes at app/Plugin/Webzash/Config/routes.php

    Router::connect('/:controller/:action/*', array('plugin' => 'webzash')); Router::connect('/:controller/*', array('plugin' => 'webzash', 'action' => 'index')); Router::connect('/*', array('plugin' => 'webzash', 'controller' => 'dashboard', 'action' => 'index'));

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