Inheritence using java generics not working as expected


I am trying to use inheritence and generics to create my application, but it doesn't seem to work the way I expect it to. I'll show you what I mean (TL;DR at the bottom):

public interface IModel extends Serializable {
    public int save();
    public void update();
    public void delete();

// <T> is a JPA annotated entity/class
public abstract class Model<T> implements IModel {
    private final Repository<T> _repository;
    protected T _entity;

    public Model(T entity, Repository<T> repository) {
        this._entity = entity;
        this._repository = repository;

    public int save() {

This is implemented in for example my AccountModel, which is a Model with generic Account (which is a JPA entity) and which implements IAccount.

public class AccountModel extends Model<Account> implements IAccount {
    private static final AccountRepository REPOSITORY = new AccountRepository();

    public AccountModel(Account entity) {
        super(entity, REPOSITORY);
    // Method implementations...

My generic Repository looks like this:

public abstract class Repository<T> implements Serializable {

    private static SessionFactory SESSION_FACTORY;
    private final Class<T> _repositoryClass;
    private static boolean _initiated = false;

    public Repository(Class<T> repositoryClass) {

        if (!Repository._initiated) 

        this._repositoryClass = repositoryClass;

    private void setup() {
        // logics
        Repository._initiated = true;

    public final Model<T> getById(int id) {

        Session session = SESSION_FACTORY.openSession();

        try {
            T t = session.get(_repositoryClass, id);
            return new Model<T>(t, this); // As suggested by @Vlad
        finally {

The account implementation of this abstract Repository is:

public class AccountRepository extends Repository<Account> {

    public AccountRepository() {

    public Model<Account> getByEmail(String emailAddress) {...}

So far so good, this is all working as expected. But I cannot use a Model<T> as a TModel.


I would like use the following line of code:
AccountModel account = new AccountRepository().getById(1);
Since AccountModel inherits Model<Account> and new AccountRepository().getById() always returns Model<Account> I expect this to work, but it doesn't.

What am I missing?

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