Captcha with burp suite

I am trying to use burp suite for testing on a site but the site has a captcha and not sure how I can make burp suite bypass it ? The captcha is a image with 4 digits. I assume every time the page is loaded it changes the image with the captcha. H...
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2017-04-18 11:04 (0) Answers

Consuming SOAP requests in JAX-RS

I'm trying to extract a SOAP message from HTTP request to a REST endpoint.I'm using JAX-RS and no other libraries. Following is a sample soap request I'm planning to use <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" ...
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2017-04-16 07:04 (1) Answers

Rest web services

I am developing one Rest webservice newly in my project.But while i am hitting url its throwing error.below i am mentioning my web.xml file code and what the error i am getting. thanks in advance. I have Written in Web.xml file <servlet> ...
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2017-04-11 14:04 (1) Answers

CXF + Java: How to remove xmlns attribute

I am working on an application that has to consume a SOAP web service. I created the stubs from the WSDL of the web service using CXF. One of the elements of the request looks like this: @XmlAccessorType(XmlAccessType.FIELD) @XmlType(name="Folder...
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2017-04-08 04:04 (1) Answers

Flask base route

I want to create rest api for my app with Flask. Is It possible to run flask with base route fe. localhost:5000/webservice that @app.route('/users') will handle localhost:5000/webservice/users? ...
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2017-04-07 17:04 (1) Answers

REST with Java using Jersey

I am making a restful call to the servlet doGet() method. Inside the doGet() method I am making a method call which takes a lot of time for processing due to which the doGet() method times out and cannot send a response back to the application which ...
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2017-04-06 09:04 (1) Answers

File upload REST to SOAP on IBM API Connect

I need to upload a file from a full javascript frontend. I have a SOAP webservice that upload a file to a repository. The file is encoded in base64 inside the SOAP body. Can I use the APIC to create a file upload REST endpoint that read the stream,...
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2017-04-03 10:04 (1) Answers

Escape character in WCF service calls

I am implementing WCF Rest Service for a mobile app. This is one of the property of return object which I get on response of a service call: "flagURL":"http:\/\/localhost\/testservice\/img\/CountryFlags\/Ireland.png" When I debug the code there...
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2017-03-29 13:03 (1) Answers

How message digest is considerd digital signature

In https protocol a per-secrect key is generated by client and is sent to server . And for thereon symmetric encryption takes place .My question is if this is the case how a message digest is considered as signed by server . Or the digital signatur...
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2017-03-27 10:03 (1) Answers

Backend Design for Services Marketplace

I want to build a restful backend system for a services marketplace. The way the marketplace is supposed to work is as follows. Users must gain access to the marketplace by registering as either a service provider or a service consumer. When a servi...
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2017-03-19 23:03 (0) Answers

Decode String with swift 3

I got the following encoded string in my web service response \U00e0\U00aa\U0095\U00e0\U00ab\U0083\U00e0\U00aa\U00aa\U00e0\U00aa\U00be \U00e0\U00aa\U0095\U00e0\U00aa\U00b0\U00e0\U00ab\U0080\U00e0\U00aa\U00a8\U00e0\U00ab\U0087 \U00e0\U00aa\U009f\U0...
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2017-03-15 07:03 (1) Answers