Inter-communication microservices - How?

I'm working on a personnal project which is to transform a monolithic web application into microservices (each service has its own database). At this moment the monolithic backend is made with NodeJS and is able to reply REST request. When I began...
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2017-01-13 15:01 (1) Answers

Chart Js not display issue: Ajax Call

I am a newbie to Chart JS library. Iam facing issues in displaying my charts automatically. The charts do no display until I click on one of them or trigger the load by using chrome developer tools. Can you help me in displaying the charts automatica...
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2017-01-12 12:01 (0) Answers

Exposing RESTful WCF service over HTTPS

I've poked around dozens of blogs and SO questions and still can't get this to work. I can load my service over HTTP, but I get the following error over HTTPS: Could not find a base address that matches scheme http for the endpoint with binding ...
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2017-01-10 16:01 (1) Answers

wildfly 10.0 ws-security configuration in soapui

I implemented WS-security with wildfly 10.0 and jbossws ws-security of wildfly works succesfully. This is my reference site. First, below is the serve...
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2017-01-09 23:01 (0) Answers

Block access to WebService.asmx in

I have built a simple web application running asynchronously, using WebService.asmx file to access the database. I need to secure the file so clients won't be able to access it, but only the javascript code through an http request. (the file ...
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2017-01-07 10:01 (1) Answers

Webservice REST - always timeout

I'm having a problem with a REST web service in c#: try { HttpWebRequest wrHttpWebReq = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(ssURL_Path); wrHttpWebReq.ContentType = "application/json"; wrHttpWebReq.Method = "POST"; wrHttpWebReq.Timeout ...
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2017-01-02 15:01 (0) Answers

Is there a standard URL for a web service?

I need a certificate for my (WCF) web services. My company's web site ( may or may not be the location for the web service, so I don't want to use the www URL when I create my SSL cert and build my web clients. Is there a prefix tha...
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2017-01-01 17:01 (1) Answers

Blueprint binary response

How is it possible to make the blueprint return a binary data, a pdf file for example. Response 200 (application/json) Attributes (byte[]) is this correct ? ...
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2016-12-28 14:12 (0) Answers

SOAP Webservice returns wrong date sometimes

I have developed one soap webservice long ago (4 years back) in Java Spring. It takes one date parameter and returns error message if that date is future date (greater than today's date), otherwise it updates that date into DB. Till now this webserv...
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2016-12-26 13:12 (0) Answers

Rest websevice response is null using apache cxf

I have tried out rest webservice using Apache CXF. I'm performing a create operation. i'm able to create, While returning response in json and xml format, i'm not getting any value. My service and serviceImplementation is below. service class: @Path...
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2016-12-25 09:12 (1) Answers