Server side validation for angular 2 forms

I am trying to figure out how I can send some data to a server side API call, let that do the validation and then return back with some validation errors and those validation errors should be displayed along with the component that caused the validat...
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2017-03-21 22:03 (0) Answers

jquery validation not working

I want to use jquery validate to validation register form. I tried a lot of solution but nothing work. It's simply form with one field because on start I want to have working validation. After pressing the button, the validation is avoided. Nothing h...
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2017-03-21 20:03 (1) Answers

Semantic UI Form Validation with Dynamic Dropdowns

I am building a dynamic form that requires dropdowns to be rebuilt and validated. I have found that I can rebuild a dropdown using the "setup menu" option however when I then re-initialize the validation for the form it throws an error that it is emp...
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2017-03-21 16:03 (1) Answers

Rails validate number of nested fields submitted

I have a form_for that creates a poll. The poll has many poll_options aka choices as nested attributes. Question -- How can I validate the number of poll_options? It does not makes sense to have a poll with only 1 choice. Here is my model: class ...
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2017-03-21 01:03 (1) Answers

Is There A Way To Merge Joi Schemas?

Is there any way to merge two joi schemas into a single schema? Schema 1 { alpha: Joi.number().required(), beta: Joi.string().required(), chalie: Joi.object({ xray: Joi.number().required(), }).required() } Schema 1 { delta: Joi.str...
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2017-03-20 23:03 (0) Answers

Simple Firebase Rules about validation

I am using firebase database and collecting users with their GPS coordinates and last timestamp from server side. Such as +users userId userLocation lastTimestamp Well I want add a firebase Rules which is a user can read...
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2017-03-20 21:03 (2) Answers

Password Validation Jquery

very new to javascript/jquery. I'm trying to display an error message if the user enters less than the desired number of characters and tries to move their mouse button out of the text box. I am unable to get the code to work. Any advice would be ...
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2017-03-20 20:03 (2) Answers

grails validation of immutable fields

I have 4 fields that takes a price (BigDecimal) but only one of them should contain a price. If price2 contains 255.95 and someone want's to enter a price in price1 Then this should be rejected with a message which says that you have to clean the oth...
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2017-03-20 19:03 (1) Answers

Edit UserProfile information in Django

Problem description: UserProfile form doesn't save any data. I am creating a new User and automatically create a UserProfile object for him (so I'm extending UserProfile), so I can go to admin page and fill all the fields . But when I'm trying to do...
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2017-03-20 18:03 (0) Answers

Parsley Validator with call back not wroking

I am new to javascript world and trying to add new parsley validator , In my validation method I am calling another function with callback result , where I have put my logic to check a URL is image or not .. However validator function is returning be...
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2017-03-20 18:03 (2) Answers

Validate field only letters jquery/ajax

I'm trying to validate a field which only allows letters. If I write a number or another sign the whole field will turn red and I wont be able to click on the "submit" button. That button will be locked until everything is OK. A guy gave me this : ...
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2017-03-20 17:03 (1) Answers

How is form handling done in Reactjs

Reactjs is quite new to me but I am able to create my components and load them in the view etc. I am creating a form with react which I want to get data to bind from my api or sending data to my api. Of course, I want some user validation on my inp...
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2017-03-20 16:03 (2) Answers

PHP Certificate Authentication

I've been asked to create a data exchange between two servers. The client is hot on security and wants a high security handshake to confirm the identity before proceeding. Their advisor suggested a private / public key certificate to authenticate the...
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2017-03-19 23:03 (0) Answers

Order of validations

Is the order of how validations are executed always the same? How is it ordered? For these constraints: static constraints = { A ... B ... C ... } Is it always true that they will be executed in the order A -> B -> C? Why do I need it? ...
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2017-03-19 15:03 (1) Answers