Inoperative validator

im new to Java and Spring. Im doing my first app with Spring MVC Begginers Guide and i have problem with my "category" field validator. It doesnt work correctly.. Tbh It doesn't work at all. @Target( { METHOD, FIELD, ANNOTATION_TYPE }...
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2017-02-19 23:02 (1) Answers

Jquery plugin to validate <input form="">

I want to use a validation plugin that is able to validate input with the form attribute outside of a form. JQuery validation plugin does not seem to support this, so I was wondering if anyone else knows one that does support this functionality. Cod...
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2017-02-19 02:02 (1) Answers

jQuery multiple inputs with one Function RegExp

I've got a form with more than 1 inputfields. The format that should be allowed is hh:mm / h:mm. So I already have a function, that checks my input if the format is true inbstandly on input. So what I want is, if i click on my submit button i'd like...
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2017-02-18 18:02 (2) Answers

Unique value check during updating in laravel

I have tried to solve this problem. i have already look after several answer for this question and i have tried that solution but i have not success. Here is my controller function ... public function ProductCategoriesUpdate(Request $request, $cate...
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2017-02-18 12:02 (2) Answers

New Document Validation: CouchDB

Could someone give me a pointer as to why this works as a new document validation function: { "_id": "_design/must_have_field_verifier", "_rev": "14-7aa573a99ec8cb007edfe6c8dd72ba15", "validate_doc_update": "function(newDoc, oldDoc, userC...
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2017-02-18 11:02 (0) Answers

Performing dynamic request validation

I have an object from mongodb like this { "_id": "588c5c0d709d11e2aa0da250", "fields": [ { "type": "text", "required": true, "placeholder": "Food name", "name": "name", "label": "Name", "order": 1 }, ...
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2017-02-18 11:02 (1) Answers

How I can validate letters in c ++ with Try-catch?

I would like to improve the code below. I would like to use try-catch statement to validate the input letters. An error message should be printed in case the user inputs an invalid letter. I have two methods: showMenu and selectOperation. The metho...
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2017-02-17 18:02 (2) Answers