Display dynamic URLs in CodeIgniter for seo

I'm building an online store based on CodeIgniter. I'd like URLs to look like this? What is the solution for this type of SEO friendly url. http://example.com/[product-category]/[product-sub category] I need this url: example.com/women/sarees-sar...
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2017-05-20 12:05 (2) Answers

How to get CSRF protection work with pagination?

I want to enable pagination in a search form with CSRF protection, so I have to add the csrfmiddlewaretoken GET parameter to the link to the previous/next page. The url looks like this: localhost:8000/myapp/search/?csrfmiddlewaretoken=JHgf7Cs6WgX29...
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2017-05-20 04:05 (0) Answers

refresh URL link from Google maps using R

there. When using Google maps, we can have the following link: maps.google.com.br/?q=newyork Which will actually be redirected to: https://www.google.com.br/maps/place/Nova+York,+NY,+EUA/@40.7056497,-73.9780035,9z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x89c24fa5d33f0...
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2017-05-19 18:05 (1) Answers

xcode view doesn't show url image

I'm studying the iOS development course of Stanford, and I copied the sample code that worked perfectly fine in the course to my Xcode. The view just doesn't show the url image and I have already set the Allow Arbitrary Loads in info to "yes". There ...
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2017-05-19 16:05 (0) Answers

Load Global Administrative Areas in R from URL

I tried to load Global Administrative Areas from http://gadm.org/ using a stanford tutorial library(sp) con <- url("http://biogeo.ucdavis.edu/data/gadm2.8/rds/CHE_adm3.rds") print(load(con)) close(con) but I got the following error Error: the...
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2017-05-19 14:05 (0) Answers

URL encoding and decoding in PHP

This is a follow up for a previous question I asked yesterday here: Slashes in GET request (to be used with PHP back end) I have a link that has 2 GET parameters in it where I want to use in my PHP whenever I visit that website. The link has both sp...
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2017-05-19 08:05 (0) Answers

Uploading files to S3 using Python

I have a list of file URLs which are download links. I have written Python code to download the files to my computer. Here's the problem, there are about 500 files in the list and Chrome becomes unresponsive after downloading about 50 of these files....
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2017-05-19 02:05 (0) Answers

Redirect URL to different directory using htaccess

In our previous site, articles didn't have categories included in the URL (ex. example.com/page-name), but now we have a new site, we changed how our URLs work and added a category in it (ex. newexample.com/category-1/page-name). Is there a way for ...
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2017-05-18 19:05 (1) Answers

Zend error: Submitted URI too large

here we present to you this error. The url of my Zend applications is too long after many pages. (as in image). How i can solve this? thanks this is a screenshot of error (see link url) enter image description here ...
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2017-05-18 18:05 (0) Answers

How to serve a text file at root with Django

I got a site, say it's "www.site.com". I need to serve a text file at the root, so that "www.site.com/text.txt" will show up. I read through this answer: Django download a file, and I used the "download" function. However I am at a loss how to co...
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2017-05-17 19:05 (1) Answers