Completely hide parameters

Is it possible to hide completely URL parameters without any effect on output E.g my complete URL is I want to like this [1]:
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2017-06-21 23:06 (1) Answers

NGINX Rewrites for a site move

I have a problem we need to move our site to another software. We have the following URL setup: Downloads / Resources Original: New: F...
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2017-06-21 21:06 (1) Answers

Parameters from redirected url

I have some physical mail going out that will have url's specific to the recipients zip code. These will be clean url's that I will want to all redirect to a specific page that will have form fields prepopulated based on the unique url that the reci...
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2017-06-21 19:06 (0) Answers

Conditional ng-repeat ui-router

I'm using ui router ($routeprovider and $locationprovider)for angular js. I want to change the array of which to loop through in a ng-repeat depending on the current url/route. I have read similar posts here on stack but can't find an exact solution ...
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2017-06-21 16:06 (1) Answers

Reload the same tab after performing an event?

I have a form with many nav-tabs. I am able to successfully get the same tab when user clicks on refresh or press F5. Following is my code: // Store the currently selected tab in the hash value $("ul.nav-tabs > li > a").on("", fun...
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2017-06-21 15:06 (2) Answers

Extracting stream link from website

I need to extract the stream link from I try'd it with: 'curl' but the required m3u8 address is not contained in the result. I see the class is <div class="jw-media jw-reset"><v...
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2017-06-21 08:06 (0) Answers

Unusual URL in my WordPress website

There is unusual url in my WordPress website. And I'm not being able to login to WordPress admin panel. Can you please suggest me what this issue is about and how to solve it? http://www.f...
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2017-06-21 07:06 (2) Answers

Hide URL parameters and read them

Is there any method to hide URL parameters and then read the hidden parameters with code? For example I have this in my page: "". I have tried to encode with Base64, but it doesn't work as expected (encoding work...
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2017-06-21 05:06 (4) Answers

Maven and dependencies NOT in repository

We have a dependency third-party library that is available online in jar form, but it is not in Maven Repository, or known to be in any other repository. How can we use pom.xml to auto-retrieve this dependency, based on a URL? We don't want to stor...
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2017-06-20 22:06 (1) Answers

Open URL on table view cell click

I want to open a specific URL on a cell click. I am trying to do this using objects, but it doesn't work. The string 'url' gets (null). Code: //setting object [self.url2 addObject:@""]; //method to select cell - (void)tableView:(U...
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2017-06-20 20:06 (1) Answers

Laravel route not defined error

I keep getting route not defined error and if I use url() I get server can not provide a secure connection error. I hope I can get some help. route Route::get('/show/{table_name}/{product_id}', 'PageCotroller@showdetails')->name('product-show');...
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2017-06-20 16:06 (2) Answers

modify flask url before routing

My Flask app has url routing defined as self.add_url_rule('/api/1/accounts/<id_>', view_func=self.accounts, methods=['GET']) Problem is one of the application making queries to this app adds additional / in url like /api/1//accounts/id. It's...
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2017-06-20 13:06 (1) Answers

How to add external URL in Yii

How to give an external URL in Yii. I have tried the code, <a href="<?php echo CHtml::normalizeUrl('/') . ''; ?>">Link</a> But it appends localhost with the URL. The URL is now coming as localhost/ How ...
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2017-06-20 12:06 (1) Answers

The folder name comes up in the URL (PhpStorm)

When I create a website project using PhpStorm, it puts all the files inside a folder named the same as the solution (in my case it is pointed by the red arrow in the following image : wilaya) So whenever I lunch my index.html page in the browser,...
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2017-06-20 11:06 (0) Answers

Duplicate PHP Code Block

I get images from a specific url. with this script im able to display them on my website without any problems. the website i get the images from has more than one (about 200) pages that i need the images from. I dont want to copy the block of PHP co...
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2017-06-20 09:06 (4) Answers

How to get previous page url in codeigniter

I need privously visited page url in a variable and to find it inside a controller. is there any way to find it?please help me.By using following code redirect($this->agent->referrer()); i can redirected to the previous page .but I need this inside...
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2017-06-20 07:06 (2) Answers

Extract all urls in a string with python3

I am trying to find a clean way to extract all urls in a text string. After an extensive search, i have found many posts suggesting using regular expressions to do the task and they give the regular expressions that suppose to do that. Each of the R...
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2017-06-20 07:06 (4) Answers

NoReverseMatch with django

Hey I did build a website two weeks ago and it worked perfectly fine but when I am trying to open it without any changes the NoReverseMatch found error pops up. I do not understand why. Μy view for the auswertung method is defined as auswertung(requ...
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2017-06-19 21:06 (0) Answers

Resolve URL to AWS Server

I have a domain that I own. I will say is I added as a Type A record on GoDaddy with a value of The IP address is a elastic IP on a Windows AWS server. I can ping the IP address but I can't ping t...
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2017-06-19 21:06 (2) Answers

Case Sensitive URL Triggering CORS Error

I am trying to access the JSON metadata corresponding to Python packages in the form<package_name>/json using JavaScript. My code looks something like this: var name = $('#name').val(); var url = 'http://pypi.pyth...
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2017-06-19 20:06 (1) Answers

External linking url video carousel

So my question is this, how would I create a gallery of videos (this I know how to do) that when clicking on a video generates and external URL for that specific video that simply appends to my original site or page URL and creates a full screen caro...
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2017-06-19 19:06 (0) Answers

Encoding a dictionary in URL Encoding

I'm trying to attach a payment source in Stripe. To do so, I want to directly pass payment info. This is documented here. If you read description of source parameter, you'll understand my requirement.I want to attach dictionary of params to source pa...
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2017-06-19 18:06 (1) Answers

forced update app with AlertController

I make for my application forced update but when I go back without updating the application AlertController disappears as it can be fixed If you know other options to make a forced update, then write thanks for the help GIF: and Code: func ...
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2017-06-19 14:06 (2) Answers