Python Google Search

I try to search for a word in google with python. Then I try to extract it into a list and print the list. But now I've got this problem: class search: def __init__(self, search): page = requests.get(""+sear...
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2017-01-08 00:01 (1) Answers

SQL query Where Between two input

I am trying to make a search box but I am facing an issue. Here's the query i am using, I am getting the search query from database,But query is not taking the Fiyat(price),meterekare,odasayisi values from database My question is that Why I am unabl...
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2017-01-06 22:01 (0) Answers

Finding occurrences in order -- VBA

I am using the code that I obtained from this website, Find All Instances With VBA. Everything works fine, but for some reason it starts with the second occurrence loops to the end of file, then obtains the first. For example: -- Sample Data: Orig...
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2017-01-06 14:01 (2) Answers

url rewrite/formatting and php search form

Happy new year!, i have a search form in php, and im using mod_rewrite, now, the thing that i want is this: My normal url: TO: mod rewrite:
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2017-01-02 02:01 (1) Answers

My search didn't work

My search won't work and I don't know why. I would like to search for clients or tickets in my database. When I click on search while the SEARCH field ( input) is empty I get all clients BUT when I type some thing into the field I get nothing. Here i...
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2016-12-20 17:12 (1) Answers

Overall complexity with multiple operations?

If I have an unsorted array and if I first sort it by using quick sort with a run time of O(nlgn) and then search for an element using Binary search, with a run time of O(lgn) then what would be the over all run time of both these operations? Would t...
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2016-12-15 14:12 (1) Answers

How to find absolute path of a file on remote url?

How do I find a file link on a remote server? For example this is server link: And the file I am searching for is uploaded here: I know the file name and I know it exists, but how do I f...
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2016-12-09 05:12 (0) Answers

live/autocomplete search in cakephp 3.x

i am trying to perform live search in cakephp 3.x , so far i'm able to achieve it by statically defining the data inside the script tag , i want that the data is retrieved from my MySql database, where all the content is stored. Below is the script t...
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2016-12-05 10:12 (0) Answers

Elasticsearch - how to search an URL?

I have a problem when I store data like this into Elasticsearch (v 2.3, in AWS): { data: { url: 'https://www.mydomain.tld', someOtherField: 'value', } } index mapping: { "mappings": { "nodes": { "properties": { "da...
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2016-11-25 15:11 (1) Answers

Search with Laravel

I am trying to make a search for multiple models. I have set up the route and html form and I am successfully receiving the data in my controller. Now, I want to query multiple columns and get the result as an eloquent or array. What is the proper w...
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2016-11-24 10:11 (3) Answers

how can i include AND in this query?

so i have this code with prepare and pdo. $exe = $this->s->prepare("SELECT * FROM `items` WHERE `keywords` LIKE ?"); $exe->execute( ['%' . $keyword . '%']); but i also have this but coded differently if(isset($_GET["search"])) { $co...
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2016-11-18 14:11 (0) Answers

Dismiss Keyboard On drag

I would like to dismiss the keyboard on swipe/drag after i search for results in my searchController. I tried doing it through the main.storyboard but it didn't help. if i search and get many results i would like scroll down and then the keyboard w...
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2016-11-11 13:11 (4) Answers

Status Bar disappearing When Searching

I have a problem with my status bar . it disappears as soon as i press on my search bar,Look at the examples : Status bar shows normally before search bar pressed: Status bar does not show and just disappears out of view: Thanks ahead ! :) her...
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2016-11-11 00:11 (1) Answers

UISearchController Filter Swift

I have a UITableViewCell with 3 subviews that I would like to filter when I search, as seen here: 1.The image view 2.The name label (black text) 3.The street name label (blue text) This is what I've done so far, I've only managed to understand h...
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2016-11-10 21:11 (1) Answers

Improve searching through unsorted list

My code spends 40% of its time searching through unsorted vectors. More specifically, the searching function my_search repeatedly receives a single unsorted vector of length N, where N can take any values between 10 and 100,000. The weights associate...
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2016-11-03 06:11 (1) Answers

Complex FROM condition for Gmail messages

I have to move to SPAM Gmail messages according to the following complex query based on sender field: var qyr = '{from:(* )' + ' from:(*}'; var threads = GmailApp.searc...
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2016-11-02 17:11 (0) Answers

Dynamic URL on category filter - Prestashop

I am trying to build a custom 'category' page displaying the products (car parts) that are linked to a certain type of vehicle. My current URL looks like this:
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2016-11-01 10:11 (1) Answers

C Trying to search an array for a specific number

I've been trying to develop a Console Program that Sorts an Array, and then allows the user to search for a specific value within the Array. For the most part, the Sorting Section works fine (although I would like to simplify it to one for loop but i...
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2016-10-31 21:10 (2) Answers

imap_search undefined function using PhpImap

I am trying to read the emails from a mailbox using PHP. I have downloaded the PhpImap module and try to implement it in my website. But when I try to start the search in the INBOX I get an error. This is my code, maybe someone else can see the erro...
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2016-10-31 10:10 (0) Answers full-text search for emails

I'm currently having some issues with I have multiple indices for multiple accounts, each index is filled accordingly with parsed emails. I have a class containing multiple properties, all string types. The emails are parsed and put in...
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2016-10-31 08:10 (0) Answers