Guice module integration issue with REST

Guice module integration issue with REST I have define one AOP guice based module, but when I tried to integrate with REST code, methodInvocation.proceed retun null. What might be best way to solve this issue. Define AOP Guice based module as ...
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2017-04-22 22:04 (0) Answers

javscript fetch cors error with java server

I have a java server handling RESTful services on port 8080 using Glassfish/Jersey libraries (I do not have a web.xml file as I am hosting the services in the console app). I am running a webpack-dev-server with ReactJS on port 8081. In my ReactJ...
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2017-04-22 02:04 (2) Answers

How to commit information to the server with Vue?

I am not well versed in javascript/web programming, so pardon me if it sounds trivial. I am using Vue to define my frontend. I also have a server that provides a REST interface. This REST interface provides a resource, say /users/. When in Vue I pe...
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2017-04-21 15:04 (3) Answers

Bean both an EJB and JX-RS resource

In terms of objects created at run time by the application server, what is the difference between making of a bean both an EJB and a JAX-RS resource @Stateless @Local @Path("current") public class Facade { @PersistenceContext EntityManage...
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2017-04-21 15:04 (1) Answers

Laravel routes/web.php and routes/api.php

The routes/web.php have common application routes, Like showing the views, Getting the data from the form to a controller method. The routes/api.php will have routes for getting records of the tables/entities in JSON. Updating, Deleting etc via api ...
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2017-04-21 14:04 (1) Answers

Laravel: Api.php in routes directory

I am a bit confused, I have a web application having a login, Register, Logout. Some dashboard views etc(CRUD), I want to make an api for this application too. Like an api which third party will use, Can update records, Can delete records etc. Ac...
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2017-04-21 11:04 (2) Answers

Query an API which blocks CORS

I have an app which needs to query an API which blocks cross-origin requests. Right now, my approach is to query my own API, which then queries the 3rd party API, and then relay the results to frontend. So basically I have set-up proxy endpoints. Th...
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2017-04-20 20:04 (1) Answers

GET Request - Invalid HOST - ASP WEB API 2

I uploaded my ASP.NET Web API 2 project onto the web using Azure. But now that I have uploaded it (it is http), I cant get the GET request to work. The problem is the Host parameter. In the URL feild i put: I put the w...
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2017-04-20 16:04 (2) Answers

RESTful URLs with Jersey 2 subresources?

Is there a way to use Resorces both as root and as sub-resource? I want to call my api endpoint this way: GET /persons/{id}/cars # get all cars for a person GET /cars # get all cars How to implement my resources to use this...
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2017-04-20 14:04 (1) Answers