amazon s3 rest api error

I am trying to make a Http request to amazon s3(get a file) but I am getting a forbidden error. Here is my code: string today = DateTime.UtcNow.ToString("ddd,' 'dd' 'MMM' 'yyyy' 'HH':'mm':'ss' 'zz00", new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("en-US"))...
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2017-01-19 16:01 (2) Answers

Pass String Parameters to WP REST API

I can pass integer values to WP REST API. But, cannot pass non-numeric characters. It gives error. This is what I used... add_action( 'rest_api_init', function () { register_rest_route( 'crowdapi/v1', '/register/(?P<id>\d+)/(?P<userna...
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2017-01-19 11:01 (2) Answers

Django 2.7 Rest API Validation Request

I use Django 2.7 to build Rest API application, and having problem to validate/clean the request data from client for get detail transaction (Not Save/update). for example the request data trx_no cannot less than 5 char length. where's the validation...
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2017-01-19 06:01 (1) Answers

Does RESTful design prefer [FromBody] tag?

Does RESTful design prefer data in the URL or [FromBody]? Suppose I have a controller method: [Route("ServiceActivity({serviceActivityGuid:guid})/State({serviceAppointmentState:int})/Status({statusCode:int})", Name = "ServiceActivityStateStatusPut"...
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2017-01-18 16:01 (1) Answers

PHP Best Practices: Custom REST API

Since I am quite unexperienced with PHP, I was wondering about best practices when creating a custom REST API with just vanilla code. I'd like to optimize my code and make it as performant and readable as possible. Right now, I am determining the ki...
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2017-01-18 14:01 (1) Answers

How to get model from REST endpoint in SAPUI5

My rest client is as follows: = function(oInput) {; oInput.url = '{0}/service/attributes/id/{1}'.format(this.baseUrl, oInput.sid); oInput.adapter ...
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2017-01-18 14:01 (0) Answers

My API randomly returns nothing

I have some troubles with a custom written API. It happens when I do an API call, it randomly returns nothing. This is now temporary fixed by doing the same API call until something is returned. The API calls are always the same and the code itself...
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2017-01-18 13:01 (0) Answers

Search string formatting in Elouqa API

I'm using the Elouqa Rest API in an integration with another product and I want to implement a file browser. As part of this I want to get a list of the folders inside another folder. Theapi documents here say that a search string can be appended b...
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2017-01-18 11:01 (1) Answers

Json From RESTFul

I'm trying to create Spring Restful Service which should return : {"counts": [{"SearchText1": 11}, {"SearchText2": 16}, {"SearchText3": 8}]} Where "SearchText1" is the text to be search for in a document and 11 is the number of recurrence. I have...
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2017-01-18 03:01 (4) Answers

Spring Autowired Repository in Abstract Class

I'm trying to create an abstract class that performs the common REST operations that are required, but can't work out if what I'm trying to do is possible. I've tried a number of approaches, but have stripped the code below right back to how it shoul...
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2017-01-17 20:01 (1) Answers