Creation of see through portal in SceneKit

What I'm trying to achieve is a see through "portal" using SceneKit. I have two basic requirements for it: While moving around it user should be able to see scene inside a portal by different angles It should be thin "2D" levitating in the air port...
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2017-06-18 21:06 (0) Answers

NSTableView Bindings doesn't work mac OS Swift

I'm trying to use cocoa bindings with nstableview and I have some problems with bind of parameter value of textfield: I'm using this code, class: class Person : NSObject { var givenName:String var familyName:String var age = 0 var lol = 0 overrid...
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2017-06-18 21:06 (1) Answers

kodi python mac address returns busy

Weird issue, I am on my mac trying to get my mac address but when I print it out, it says "Busy". My code is as follows: import sys from urllib import urlencode from urlparse import parse_qsl import xbmcaddon import xbmcgui import xbmcplugin import ...
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2017-06-18 16:06 (1) Answers

What is wrong with mmap system-call on Mac OS X?

I am trying to write a simple application on Mac OS X using only syscalls, no standard library. main.c #define PROT_READ 0x1 #define PROT_WRITE 0x2 #define MAP_ANONYMOUS 0x20 #define MAP_PRIVATE 0x02 #define PAGE_SIZE 4096 #define NULL 0 #define...
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2017-06-18 14:06 (0) Answers

running docker inside bazel test env on osx

Trying to run java_test that runs docker inside ProcessBuilder. To simplify the code of the test is as following: @Test public void testDockerExecutable(){ System.out.println("======== running docker =============="); try { Process p...
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2017-06-18 12:06 (2) Answers

mern-cli installation failed

I follow the instructions in to install mern-cli on Macbook Pro: sudo npm install -g mern-cli But I got the following errors: npm ERR! code 128 npm ERR! Command failed: /usr/bin/git clone --depth=1 -q -b 0.0.2 git://
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2017-06-18 08:06 (0) Answers

macOS Cocoa app: Crash with unspecified error

I have Status Bar Cocoa App that provides GUI with general information and preferences windows for my background running server. This server is implemented in C programming language and the only work it is doing now is simple echo to client. Applic...
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2017-06-18 00:06 (0) Answers

Loading .txt fails on Linux but works fine on mac

url = "" dest_dir = "dataset" filename = dest_dir + "/" + url.split("/")[-1].split(".")[0]+".txt" drugs = pd.read_table(filename) Above lines work fine on mac os but somehow fail on Linux. When I print ...
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2017-06-17 21:06 (0) Answers

How to build libRmath.dylib on Mac

I am a Mac user. I am trying to install libRmath.dylib, the standalone Rmath library from R. I found that R does not compile libRmath by default. So I tried to compile the Rmath library from source. But I can only find .tar file for Windows/Unix on C...
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2017-06-17 20:06 (0) Answers

Create dashed line in SpriteKit (OS X)

I'm trying to create a dashed line using an SKShapeNode in SpriteKit for Mac OS X in Objective C, not iOS and not in Swift. I've taken a look at many SO articles for this and tried to piece it together. The main issue that a lot of them are in Swift....
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2017-06-17 20:06 (0) Answers

Cannot kill Postgres process

I keep trying to kill a PostgreSQL process that is running on port 5432 to no avail. Whenever I type sudo lsof -i :5432, I see something like the below: COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME postgres 587 postgres ...
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2017-06-17 19:06 (1) Answers

Qt without Xcode

Is it possible to use Qt and Qt Creator on MacOS with Command Line Tools only, i.e. without installing the whole Xcode? I'm asking because I'm getting "Project ERROR: Could not resolve SDK Path for 'macosx'" and all the solutions I read ask for full...
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2017-06-17 17:06 (0) Answers

Flask: Find first open port

How can I find the first open HTTP port on my computer, and start a Flask server running on it? I will run the app like this:, host='') ...
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2017-06-16 23:06 (1) Answers

WKWebView CALayer to image exports blank image

I'm trying to take a screenshot of webpage but the image is always blank(white). I'm using this code to convert CALayer to Data(taken from here) extension CALayer { /// Get `Data` representation of the layer. /// /// - Parameters: /// - fileType...
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2017-06-16 22:06 (1) Answers

Xcode not set up properly when compiling phantomjs

I've hit a wall compiling a fork of phantomjs, following these instructions. I've installed full Xcode from Appstore, and accepted the licence agreement (e.g. sudo xcodebuild -license) which seems to be the issue for other SO questions on this error...
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2017-06-16 10:06 (1) Answers

Installing Python 2.7 and 3.6 Side by Side on Mac

Python newbie here. I just bought a new Mac Book Pro (switched from Windows) and Python 2.7 is already installed on it. I want to install 3.6 side by side and choose between the two versions. I found a great tutorial located here http://joebergantine...
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2017-06-16 08:06 (2) Answers

Qt dependencies not found

I am trying to compile the bitcoin-core on my Mac and I want to use QT to develop the project also. Here is the instruction on GitHub: And I have set up my QT: $ qmake --version QMake ve...
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2017-06-16 06:06 (1) Answers

slapd command on MacOS

I have the following commands on MacOS $ sl slapacl slapadd slapauth slapcat slapconfig slapdn slapindex slappasswd slapschema slaptest sleep slogin I am following this tutorial on running an ldap server on MacOS: ...
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2017-06-16 03:06 (1) Answers

Ionic Android Build on Mac

I'm trying to build my android app, and for the past 5 days getting one error: Error: Could not find gradle wrapper within Android SDK. Might need to update your Android SDK. I've already tried all sorts of way to fix this and NOTHING works. I'm a...
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2017-06-15 23:06 (1) Answers

Getting home directory?

I'm trying to get a directory off of the user's home directory in a script. This is what I'm trying, but the ~ is interperated as a literal instead of expanding to the home directory. Is there anyway to get it to expand? If not, can I get the home...
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2017-06-15 21:06 (2) Answers