Angular - Mongoose : Can't manipulate dates

I have been searching for a long while for solution, but nothing helped me. I have an Angular JS app which runs with Mongoose and Express. I want to store date as object from a simple form. But when I submit my form, dates are stored as String and...
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2017-02-19 15:02 (1) Answers

Performing dynamic request validation

I have an object from mongodb like this { "_id": "588c5c0d709d11e2aa0da250", "fields": [ { "type": "text", "required": true, "placeholder": "Food name", "name": "name", "label": "Name", "order": 1 }, ...
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2017-02-18 11:02 (1) Answers

Understanding find in Node/Mongo

I am trying to learn node. Consider this code (based on official MongoDB Node.js driver) // Retrieve all the documents in the collection collection.find().toArray(function(err, documents) { assert.equal(1, documents.length); assert.deepE...
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2017-02-17 19:02 (1) Answers

C# MongoDB.Driver - How to form a constructor

I am currently following an online tutorial to create a RESTful API for MongoDB. The guide includes a DataAccess class for CRUD functionality. It is using the old MongoDB API which is now deprecated.There are three variables for Client, Server and Da...
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2017-02-08 10:02 (1) Answers

Join two table in CakePHP mongoDB

I have two table peoples and places we need to join both table in cakePHP and MongoDB Here peoples table having assignedPlaces and places table having id, so how to combine both table fields using MongoDB in CakePHP. am using cakephp mongodb plugin ...
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2017-02-07 12:02 (0) Answers

Call Mongodb stored function from PHP7

Below is my mongodb function that is stored in Mongodb. { _id: "echoFunction", value : function(x) { return x; } } ) I can call this function in mongo using below query : db.loadServerScripts();...
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2017-02-07 12:02 (1) Answers

How to save draft-js editorState data to Meteor?

How to save the Data from draft-js to Meteor? I'm trying to... save the data from Draft-js to the db Using React + Meteor Here is Draft.js. Here's a Meteor starter kit. There's also this article which seems relevant. But I can't apply the bit...
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2017-02-05 06:02 (1) Answers

OpenSSL not found on MacOS Sierra

I am trying to install a PHP MongoDB driver but the installation is failing because it cannot locate the OpenSSL. /Users/janisozolins/mongo-php-driver/src/libmongoc/src/mongoc/mongoc-crypto-openssl.c:24:10: fatal error: 'openssl/sha.h' file not foun...
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2017-02-04 19:02 (1) Answers

Cannot Read Property map of undefined

For some reason it sometimes maps through, but I get another error of not returning anything and other times it just says can't read property map of undefined. I'm trying to compile a list of users in React. I have a component called UserList that i...
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2017-01-31 18:01 (2) Answers

.NET on OSX (Mono): can't connect to MongoDB

I'm developing a restful service with Visual Studio for Mac. In order to connect to my local MongoDB instance (which is up and running), I installed the MongoDB NuGet package. Classes are referenced correctly into code, however once I try to perform ...
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2017-01-29 04:01 (0) Answers

Can't find a codec for class org.json.JSONArray

private void getUsersWithin24Hours(String id, Map < String, Object > payload) throws JSONException { JSONObject json = new JSONObject(String.valueOf(payload.get("data"))); Query query = new Query(); query.addCriteria(Criteria.where("use...
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2017-01-27 15:01 (2) Answers

MongoDB being accessed by unauthorized IP

I've just been recently playing with MongoDB on one of my Dev servers not doing anything too serious and despite knowing better I allowed remote connections from any IP. Within a few days the database was 'hacked' with a ransom attempt. I shrugged it...
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2017-01-19 05:01 (4) Answers

Migrating to Meteor/React

Does anyone know of any resources available for Meteor that can help load large (20MB-80MB) assets for (mainly) offline use? My current development is completely in Vanilla JS (on the client side) and I'm considering building a Meteor/React version ...
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2017-01-16 16:01 (1) Answers