Adding UIView That Will Contain Input

So basically I have this page control view that I created that someone would segue into upon hitting the login or register button. So when it segues to that page view I attempted to setup a UIView on that page so a user can type in required info. Co...
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2017-05-19 19:05 (1) Answers

iOS swift Cache Policy

I am working with Afnetworking API, when I have bad internet connection API takes lots of time to load. So I have decided to use Cache policy Singleton.sharedInstance.requestSerializer.cachePolicy = .returnCacheDataElseLoad It works fine but when I ...
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2017-05-19 17:05 (0) Answers

xcode view doesn't show url image

I'm studying the iOS development course of Stanford, and I copied the sample code that worked perfectly fine in the course to my Xcode. The view just doesn't show the url image and I have already set the Allow Arbitrary Loads in info to "yes". There ...
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2017-05-19 16:05 (0) Answers

Creating generic Swift createOrUpdate method

I'm currently trying to create a generic createOrUpdate function. Ideally I want to be able to, on any subclass of NSManagedObject, call: Type.createOrUpdate(withID: id) { type in // Code goes here assigning variable on the object } Where Type is...
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2017-05-19 16:05 (0) Answers

NSOperation completionBlock retain cycle warning?

I have similar code in two parts of my app, xcode gives the warning for one but not the other. From my understanding of the documentation I think there should be no warning in either case. // In one part of my code I have this __block UploadOperatio...
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2017-05-19 05:05 (0) Answers

XCode 8.3 Refresh provisioning profile devices

I have added some new devices, How to refresh the provisioning profile. as XCode 8 automatically manage signing assets. I have found this Refresh devices in team provisioning profile managed by Xcode 7? but we can't do that in XCode 8.3 I don't ha...
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2017-05-19 04:05 (3) Answers

MailApp - setToReciepient Firebase Email

I'm making an app where the user creates a profile in a regular view controller, which becomes visible in a table view controller (cell). Users can scroll through other users profiles inside the table view controller... All of my users are registere...
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2017-05-18 17:05 (0) Answers

FBAuth not working Swift

I'm trying to add authentication via Facebook onto my app, within my plist I have: <key>CFBundleURLTypes</key> <array> <dict> <key>CFBundleURLSchemes</key> <array> <strin...
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2017-05-18 17:05 (1) Answers

How to create an array with date records in swift

I have an array with dates (users entries on website). Example: ['2017-03-10 08:13:11', '2017-03-10 19:01:27', '2017-03-11 07:35:55', '2017-03-11 16:15:11', '2017-03-12 08:01:41', '2017-03-12 17:19:08'] and I have to validate each date. Is it poss...
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2017-05-18 15:05 (2) Answers

Why am I unable to view values in debug area?

After adding an expression -in the debug area-: I am facing an issue, which is: when reaching the desired line (via a breakpoint), the value is always appears as "Invalid expression", with a message logged to the console: Shared Swift state fo...
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2017-05-18 14:05 (0) Answers

Check if exists phone number in String

Hey I would like to check if UITextView (maybe this could be relevant or not) contains phone number in text. I am using Swift 2.3, but if you got it in Swift 3 I will try to translate it. Should work for these inputs for exemple: "Good morning, 62...
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2017-05-18 10:05 (3) Answers

Record Video and play audio at same time ios

I want to record video and play audio simultaneously. when start recording video, preloaded audio start play and when stop video recording, audio also stops playing. I tried to record Video by using third party library "SwiftyCam" (https://github.c...
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2017-05-18 08:05 (0) Answers