VBA Script not capturing graph

The following script will eventually be used to refer to check boxes to send specific items to the recipient, eg" [] Send QC data [] Send Fails Data" The following code however does not capture graphs and I cannot spot where it is going wrong, ever...
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2017-01-03 17:01 (0) Answers

Specializing template class for graphs

Since there are a lot of graph algorithms that use residual graphs I thought it would make sense to implement a template class resGraph parametrized over the Objects Node and Edge which implements some basic functionality like reading a graph from a ...
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2016-12-25 13:12 (1) Answers

create generic graph avoid instanceof

Hello everybody, I was looking for javafx implementation of graphs, here, but for the id, I would like to have any type. The problem is that when I want to show it, It depends of the type, so I can do this : public class LabelCell<T> extends...
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2016-12-18 13:12 (0) Answers

Tree - Connected acyclic graph - Representation

From wiki, a tree is an undirected graph in which any two vertices are connected by exactly one Path. Path is connected sequence of edges Tree - Example: It was relatively easy to write multi-walk representation of rooted tree, typedef st...
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2016-12-14 05:12 (2) Answers

Macro recorded VBA not creating same column graph

This is my data in Excel, I am trying to create a column graph from it Data in column A is for the column labels and data in column B is for the column heights. This is a picture of the graph I'm looking for: I need to do this through VBA so I ...
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2016-12-10 06:12 (1) Answers

How to hide the 0% label in zingchart pie charts

I'm using zingchart and when I do a Pie Chart if theres a slice that have zero it shows a 0% label over the chart example: if I have the following categories A: 40 B: 60 C: 0 This would display a pie chart where a 60% Label would be displayed over...
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2016-11-25 18:11 (1) Answers

Pointer is not being assigned

I was working on this little project for a class and I'm running into this problem. I ran ddd on this example and prev is set to null when it exits the while loop, causing a Segmentation Fault. When I was running ddd, I noticed that temp is not null...
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2016-11-18 23:11 (1) Answers

Topologically sort DAG into batches

I'm looking for an algorithm to sort a DAG into batches of vertices, such that no vertices in a batch have an edge between them, and the batches are sorted in an order such that no vertex in a batch has an edge to a batch after it in the sorting orde...
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2016-11-16 22:11 (0) Answers

Call the Generic parameterized method in java

What does the error mesaage meant and how to call the generic parameterized method from another class: Following is the error message: The method add(int, Integer) in the type BinaryMinHeap<Integer> is not applicable for the arguments (int, Ve...
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2016-11-08 09:11 (1) Answers

Graph Application UML Class Diagram

I'm designing a UML class diagram for an application that makes graphs from data. I have the application driver class itself, which reads in the data and then creates the graph. I have a "Graph" class which has various attributes including an array o...
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2016-11-03 20:11 (1) Answers

Drawing graph G=(V,E) in R

I would like to draw standard G=(V,E) graph in R either by ggplot or some R built-in functions. I have a data frame containing vertices coords: > V x y 1 589.3438 6422.883 2 8762.6921 7789.147 3 7973.0883 4552.745 4 4100.8408 8108....
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2016-10-30 19:10 (1) Answers

Facebook API Insight Metrics Daily graph API

Hi Guys I am hoping someone could help me. I have been toying around with the Facebook API for our company's facebook analytics page. I am looking to get information on the likes, shares, impressions etc and store directly to a database I have bee...
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2016-10-28 16:10 (1) Answers

How to rotate legend symbols in ggplot2?

Consider for example this plot using the data mtcars and the function coord_flip library(ggplot2) library(Hmisc) ggplot(mtcars,aes(x=gear,y=cyl)) + stat_summary(aes(color=as.factor(rep(1:2,16))), fun.data=mean_cl_boot, position=position_dodge(0.4))...
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2016-10-25 01:10 (2) Answers

Complex shading between multiple lines on graph

All, I would like to create different colour shading between two lines and the shading colour dependant on whether the point is above "Baseline" or not. Current Graph below; For instance I have shaded in (on paint) how I would like the end resu...
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2016-10-13 18:10 (0) Answers

Application for Mac for line Graghs

Firstly, I must humbly apologise for my quite evident lack of drawing skills. I have a data set that includes a count of various OS versions per date: day 1 may include 10 of OS version 1, 12 of OS version 2, etc; day 2 may include slightly differ...
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2016-10-03 12:10 (0) Answers