Haskell data type for hmatrix Vector and Matrix

I am just starting out with Haskell, I have read up to the defining data types section of LYAH and am attempting to implement the Sum-Product algorithm for Belief Propagation. One of the rudimentary tasks is to define the Probabilistic Graphical Mode...
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2017-03-25 15:03 (1) Answers

Facebook Bot in closed beta

I want to give a small group of people automatically access to my Facebook Chat Bot, because I want to launch a beta for this. After adding them to app via API they get a notification, but can only access if they are a Facebook Developer. That is no...
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2017-02-28 09:02 (1) Answers

Java: setting a bool for all instances of a class

I searched some times but didn't get a clue. I'm trying to set up a directed graph. Each node (instance of the class Node) should hold a bool visited to see if it was visited by a search function. After the search is completed i want to reset the b...
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2017-02-27 00:02 (1) Answers

Saving plots in a data.table list column

When I run... library(data.table) DT = CJ(id = 1, id2 = 1:3)[, .( d = as.IDate("2017-01-01")+1:10, v = id*10 + id2*1:10 ), by=.(id, id2)] plotDT = DT[, { par(mfrow = c(uniqueN(id2), 1), mar = c(2,2,.5,2)) .SD[,{ plot(d, v, type...
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2017-02-24 23:02 (0) Answers

Displaying line graph using data frame grouping

I am learning data frames and trying out different graphs. I have a data set of video games and am trying to plot a graph which shows years on x axis, net sales on y axis and the graph has to be per video game genre. I have grouped the data but am fa...
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2017-02-20 23:02 (1) Answers

R - Grouped Bar Plot Ordering Within Groups

Here is some R code and the graph it produces: library(ggplot2) year <- c("1950", "1950", "1960", "1960", "1970", "1970") weight <- c(15, 10, 20, 25, 18, 20) name <- c("obj1", "obj2", "obj3", "obj4", "obj5", "obj1") object.data <- data.f...
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2017-02-14 03:02 (1) Answers

excell vba does not show x axis labels

I have a sub that creates an xlXYScatterLines graph and populates it. Set pippo = cht.Chart.SeriesCollection.NewSeries pippo.Values = _ Worksheets(questoFoglio).Range(...) pippo.Name = _ Worksheets(questoFoglio).Range(...) pippo.XValues = _ Works...
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2017-02-03 18:02 (0) Answers

OrientDB Graph Calendar Query

I'm trying to create a graph based calendar. I got so far as selecting an exact date to pull vertexes and it works very fast. However, I'm breaking my head on how to perform the date range selection especially when the start and the end dates fall on...
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2017-01-29 18:01 (0) Answers

Power BI - Facebook Ads

I'm trying to get my facebook marketing data into power bi. I used Klipfolio before and there it just worked. Now I get this error: "(#274) The ad account is not enabled for usage in Ads API. Please add it in developers.facebook.com/apps -> s...
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2017-01-26 17:01 (0) Answers

Custom line style in R

I am hoping to make a directed network plot with arrowheads (or similar chevrons) along the length of the line... The igraph library seems to use the base polygon function, which accepts lty to specify line types, but these are limited to various ...
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2017-01-19 22:01 (0) Answers

VBA Script not capturing graph

The following script will eventually be used to refer to check boxes to send specific items to the recipient, eg" [] Send QC data [] Send Fails Data" The following code however does not capture graphs and I cannot spot where it is going wrong, ever...
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2017-01-03 17:01 (0) Answers

Specializing template class for graphs

Since there are a lot of graph algorithms that use residual graphs I thought it would make sense to implement a template class resGraph parametrized over the Objects Node and Edge which implements some basic functionality like reading a graph from a ...
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2016-12-25 13:12 (1) Answers

create generic graph avoid instanceof

Hello everybody, I was looking for javafx implementation of graphs, here, but for the id, I would like to have any type. The problem is that when I want to show it, It depends of the type, so I can do this : public class LabelCell<T> extends...
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2016-12-18 13:12 (0) Answers

Tree - Connected acyclic graph - Representation

From wiki, a tree is an undirected graph in which any two vertices are connected by exactly one Path. Path is connected sequence of edges Tree - Example: It was relatively easy to write multi-walk representation of rooted tree, typedef st...
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2016-12-14 05:12 (2) Answers

Macro recorded VBA not creating same column graph

This is my data in Excel, I am trying to create a column graph from it Data in column A is for the column labels and data in column B is for the column heights. This is a picture of the graph I'm looking for: I need to do this through VBA so I ...
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2016-12-10 06:12 (1) Answers

How to hide the 0% label in zingchart pie charts

I'm using zingchart and when I do a Pie Chart if theres a slice that have zero it shows a 0% label over the chart example: if I have the following categories A: 40 B: 60 C: 0 This would display a pie chart where a 60% Label would be displayed over...
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2016-11-25 18:11 (1) Answers