HTTP error 400 on google_elevation() call

I am using the R-package googleway to decode polylines using decode_pland subsequently getting the elevation data at the corresponding lat/lon coordinates using google_elevation. I get the polylines from Strava, using the rStrava package. Sample pol...
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2017-03-12 11:03 (1) Answers

Getting randomly latitude/longitude data in R

I simulated a dataset for an online Retail market. The customer can purchase their products in different stores in Germany (e.g. Munich, Berlin, Hamburg..) and in Online stores. To get the latitude/longitude data from the cities I use geocode from th...
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2017-02-27 05:02 (1) Answers

Google Maps API full screen in SWIFT3

This is the current code, after making the edits suggested, it no longer shows a marker on the map for Sydney Australia class LocateVC: UIViewController { @IBOutlet weak var mapView: GMSMapView! override func viewDidLoad() { super.viewDidLoad(...
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2017-02-22 15:02 (1) Answers

Android Studio - No Option to add dependencies?

I want to add GooglePlayServices to an already existing project (Libgdx). But i have an problem, after i added them to the build.gradle file, they dont show up. I already installed GooglePlayServices using the SDK manager. What did i do wrong ..? Wh...
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2017-02-16 20:02 (1) Answers

Google Maps zoom out to GPS and markers

I am trying to show three things on map : GPS (the current location) , Marker 1 , Marker 2, but I am not sure I am doing it right or not ! Here is my code : self.startMarker.position = CLLocationCoordinate2D(latitude: self.startLatitude, longitude:...
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2017-02-14 09:02 (2) Answers

how to cluster markers on the same location

I am developing an online tourism directory, I have a code that generates a map with markers based on the latitude and longitude I have on the database/ the problem is I have two establishments which are on the same building so they have the same lat...
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2017-02-10 17:02 (0) Answers

Link does not open in Facebook android app

How to open link in Facebook android app. I am sharing this link (",74.3111967") to user's Facebook wall using Graph Request Api of Facebook Android. There is no problem when I open link in Facebook browser. But t...
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2017-01-30 15:01 (0) Answers

Static google map in email on

I have a static map image using the standard google maps url with no api key. This appears to work for every email client, except recently for Example Instead of the expected image, I get a gray jpg with "
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2017-01-17 21:01 (0) Answers

Clicking on dropdown activates the select

I have a dropdown menu that i use with Google Maps. It allows the user to zoom in to the specific marker of interest. This is done using a DOM event listener. // onChange of the dropdown menu selection google.maps.event.addDomListener(document...
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2017-01-15 20:01 (0) Answers

Google Maps API Parameters

I'm sure this is an obvious mistake, but does anyone know why this code isn't working? Am I using the python requests library incorrectly? import requests header = {'Content-Type ': 'application/json'} body = { "api_key": REDACTED, "size": "20...
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2017-01-06 23:01 (1) Answers

Adding Marker to Google Maps in google-map-react

I am using the google-map-react NPM package to create a Google Map and several markers. Question: How can we add the default Google Maps markers to the map? From this Github issue, it seems that we need to access the internal Google Maps API using ...
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2016-12-31 05:12 (1) Answers

How do 3rd party APIs prevent API Quote theft?

I am writing an app that uses a 3rd party API service (say Google Maps, segment-analytics etc...). All these apps give an API key that is supposed to be embedded in the JS code. So anyone who can inspect the source knows the client key. How do these...
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2016-12-20 02:12 (1) Answers

Prevent Google maps cache in android webview

I am loading google maps in my WebView using a local html file (assets folder). The map has a kml overlay. The problem I'm facing is that when the kml file is updated, the respective changes are not being reflected in my WebView. I also tried removin...
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2016-12-18 05:12 (0) Answers

Googlemap does not get rendered in React

I'm currently working on a project using React and Google Map but my google map is not getting rendered. I'm using google-maps-react library and it says 'Loading map...' but it does not go any further than that.. Also I'm curious that is there a way ...
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2016-12-16 03:12 (1) Answers

Map takes too long to initialize

I've succeeded to display a map on fragment but it takes a lot of time, more than 4 seconds, until you see the map, this time seeing a black screen. why is it happening? What is wrong in my code? thanks! <>...
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2016-12-05 09:12 (0) Answers

Google map on Iphone 7 plus iOS 10.1.1 not working

I have to implement googlemaps in Swift 3 Xcocde 8 with Cocoa Pods. The issue is only with iphone 7 plus rest are working fine. GoogleMaps (2.1.1) when i try to load map for this screen it shows blank screen like attached image. Its working fine on...
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2016-11-23 14:11 (1) Answers

Detect tap on GMSPolyline in Swift?

I'm struggling with detecting a tap on a GMSPolyline drawn on my Google map, it works just fine with GMSpolygones, but the same approach doesn't seem to work with polyline. My current approach, which works for polygones, is: if (GMSGeometryContains...
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2016-11-22 19:11 (2) Answers