Facebook Share og:image is blank when using https

It tried to use HTTPS with og:image but the image is blank with Facebook Share safe_image.php returns this error (x-error-detail) : x-error-detail CDN request for an invalid safe image: I have no error on the Facebook debug tools. Any advice ?...
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2017-01-19 21:01 (0) Answers

How do Facebook Login in Firebase Test Lab?

I'm testing my app with Firebase Test Lab but at the start my app need a Facebook Login and the Firebase emulator stop at the Facebook Web Login. I tried to record an "Espresso Test" and put my FB Test Login Credential but don't work since it doesn'...
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2017-01-19 18:01 (1) Answers

Using facebook login flow

Have created bot. Have web site where user has been registered using facebook account. From facebook manually building login flow : https://www.facebook.com/v2.8/dialog/oauth? client_id={app-id} &redirect_uri={redirect-uri} In the client...
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2017-01-19 17:01 (1) Answers

How to show ads in a react native app

There are some react native components for ads but some of them don't work with current versions of react native. (react-native-admob for example). There is a serious lack of information about showing ads in react native and I can't seem to figure o...
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2017-01-19 17:01 (0) Answers

How to use facebook token from cookie?

I can get facebook access token on client side of asp.net mvc application with method FB.getLoginStatus() The token: EAAFjVDcBGp4BABSnPzvjeR0ZCqEHExSRIGtvEIMPZCZABh****fk03WZCg10xaPJUs3ZCZAMTnP8 It's set token to cookies. I want to access it on se...
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2017-01-19 16:01 (1) Answers

How to get data user API Facebook?

I use this API to take some notes from facebook page: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/v2.8/user/feed It returns me object: "data": [ { "story": "pdated their profile picture.", "created_time": "2017-01-13T23...
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2017-01-19 14:01 (1) Answers

count comments having a hashtag with graph api

I want to count the number of comments with hashtags, Ex: #abc = 10 comments, #def = 30 comments. Is there any way to do this? What i have right now is simple api: https://graph.facebook.com/XXXX/comments?access_token= Please help! ...
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2017-01-19 06:01 (0) Answers

Upgrading Facebook Ads token to "Basic"

I am developing an app using the Facebook Ads api. Initially it is just a Python script which downloads ads performance information from my client and stores it in a database, where it is combined with information from other sources in order to provi...
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2017-01-18 23:01 (1) Answers

Integration Facebook Pixel for Prestashop

I have got webshop on Prestashop. I have to integrate it with Google Analytics. What I have done is add GA code to GA module, but I still need to add two codes: First one is Facebook Pixel Code script (should be placed through whole eshop) Second i...
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2017-01-18 20:01 (2) Answers

Facebook sharing page - Custom title

I am using that code, that is working to share a dynamic page. I would like to personalize the title of the facebook share pop up. How would I be able to do it? <script language="javascript"> var id= <?php echo json_encode($id); ?>; v...
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2017-01-18 19:01 (0) Answers

JS error. Variable boolean value not changed

I need to implement jQuery code on Facebook API event. Facebook API code must be placed before html code and also not inside jQuery function and calling jQuery function would be anonymous function , so I decided to create global variable, the true va...
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2017-01-18 18:01 (1) Answers

Facebook Login swift No such module

I have imported facebook sdk via Cocoa Pods, described here https://developers.facebook.com/docs/swift/login But weirdly, when I use it on my device, I get : No suche module FacebookLogin On the emulator it's working.... import UIKit import F...
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2017-01-18 17:01 (2) Answers

Facebook ads sdk showing results

I'm using official Facebook Ads Sdk to create Campaigns. I need to get Campaigns details to show results of it, but there is only few options I can choose. Is there any way to show conversions and reach using this sdk? Or is there some other way to s...
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2017-01-18 12:01 (0) Answers