This Javascript used to work, but now it doesn't

I've had this Javascript code on my web site for years and it worked. It is written to help filter out email spam bots; <script type="text/javascript"> emailserver = "" emailE = "Maria@" + emailserver document.write("<A href=" +...
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2017-02-19 23:02 (1) Answers

Strange Email After Sending Contact Form

Every time someone fills out my contact form, it sends a strange email. The email subject is "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" The error of the email is here: The PHP code that sends the email is found here...
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2017-02-19 19:02 (1) Answers

Required attribute and submit form button

This is my code: index.php <form action=""> <input placeholder="Name" class="form" id="nome" type="text" required/> <input placeholder="Mail" class="form" id="mail" type="email" required /> <input placeholder="Object" class="fo...
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2017-02-19 18:02 (1) Answers

Receive email through Gmail & php file

Afternoon all, I am pulling my hair out over something that can only be a silly mistake but so silly i cant track it down. I receive no contact forms in my email of which i use Gmail. At present i am testing it on this page here http://www.theremoted...
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2017-02-19 15:02 (1) Answers

PHP mail send ajax

I have a problem this PHP send mail. I have this form in index.php page: <form action=""> <input placeholder="Name" class="form" id="name" type="text" required/> <input placeholder="Email" class="form" id="mail" type="email" required...
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2017-02-19 13:02 (2) Answers

Extracting mails from a spreadsheet

I have a Google Spreadsheet with two columns. First column includes the name of a referrer and second column includes a free format text where some referred email addresses are mentioned. There might be multiple email addresses in one cell, or none....
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2017-02-18 23:02 (1) Answers

Email sent successfully but never received

I have a VPS with Centos 6.8 and apache 2.2 and a website with Laravel 5.4 In one of my page there is a form "contact us". When I click on send the answer of mail() return success so I show to the user that his mail was sent. But I never receive the...
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2017-02-18 22:02 (0) Answers

C++/Curl : How to send HTML formatted email

I want to send an email using using C++/curl with Visual Studio 2015, that will be html formatted looking like: Hello World! instead <strong>Hello World!</strong> How to format it so the client reads text as text/html not just pure t...
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2017-02-18 21:02 (0) Answers

How can we receive Emails using django?

i'm fairly new to django . In writing a program in which my Gmail mails will be fetched and Then stored in a database. I tried using mailbox but no luck. So can anyone help me out with this? Which package can I use or any sample code snippet would d...
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2017-02-18 16:02 (0) Answers

postfix can't send mail on debian 7 server

I've set up a simple postfix/doecot on my Debian 7 server to send and receive some mails. receiving emails works good but i can't send any mail. My Outlook says that he can't connect to the server. I tried almost anything i found on the internet but...
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2017-02-18 15:02 (0) Answers

Undefined variable on view mailing in Laravel 5.4

Hi guys i'm trying to mail on my system and there's problem on view which is undifined variable of data. i'm trying to parsing data to view, but it seems to be problem. here is my code of mailing Mail::to($data['email'])->send(new TagihanMail(),[...
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2017-02-18 11:02 (2) Answers

piping email to cakephp 2

I'm having problems understanding how I'm meant to receive an email via a cakephp application. I've read a fair bit but I'm not familiar with server settings and trying the tutorials I've seen hasn't worked. I'm not sure if it's something stupid I'v...
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2017-02-18 05:02 (0) Answers

Gmail modifying querystring

I'm configuring the forgot password process in a Node and Express app, and I'm running into some issues with the preservation of querystring tokens in emails sent via SendGrid to Gmail accounts. Here's the current flow of the User Forgot Password pr...
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2017-02-17 23:02 (0) Answers

Can't send reset password message in laravel 5

Expected response code 250 but got code "530", with message "530-5.5.1 Authentication Required. .env MAIL_DRIVER=smtp MAIL_PORT=587 MAIL_USERNAME="" MAIL_PASSWORD="password" MAIL_ENCRYPTION=tls config/m...
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2017-02-17 20:02 (1) Answers

Cakephp smtp emails not working

I'm using Cakephp 2.6, I have configured smtp settings as follows in email.php, public $smtp = array( 'transport' => 'Smtp', 'from' => array(''=> 'MYWEBSITE'), 'host' => 'hostingserver', 'port' =>...
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2017-02-17 14:02 (0) Answers