Escape angle brackets with JS

Question was totally rewrited in more compact and clear form. When I write HTML documents with snippets inside, I don't want to manually change every < to &lt;. The most obvious way, from my point of view, was to use JS for this task, as show...
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2017-02-19 23:02 (1) Answers

Weblogic JAX-RPC serialization customization

As per JAX-RPC 1.1 spec, compliant implementations SHOULD allow for plugging in different XML serializers and deserializers, without restricting them to using any concrete technology. As examples of possible seralizing and deserializing engines, the...
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2017-02-19 19:02 (0) Answers

Understanding React's Synthetic Event System

This has been on my mind for a few days now. As per the docs, React has synthetic event system, which is a a cross-browser wrapper around the browser's native event. Going through the docs, is my understanding correct that the custom (synthetic) eve...
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2017-02-19 13:02 (0) Answers

Get element from HTML object javascript

I have a HTML String and I want to get img element and initialize it. var discountItem = '<li class="sidebar-brand" style="font-weight: bold; color: #9999 class="col-item">' + '<div class="post-img-content">' + ...
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2017-02-19 13:02 (1) Answers

Delete Node isn't working with Simple XML (PHP)

I want to delete a node if the title of an node is matching a filter (array). I use unset() and I already tried $node and $item but both arguments won't delete my node... What is wrong in this code? - I do enter the if condition, because I see in if...
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2017-02-18 23:02 (1) Answers

handling large HTML files in PHP

I am trying to write a script to process (clean up, reformat) an HTML file, using DOM. Here is my code for loading the file: $dom = new DOMDocument(); $dom->loadHTML($htmFName, LIBXML_PARSEHUGE); And here is my code for traversing the document ...
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2017-02-18 06:02 (0) Answers

How to parse XML file with JxPath and DOM parser

I need simple example how can be possible to parse XML files with Java DOM parser and Apache JxPath. I am aware with DOM parser technology, but now I'm trying to integrate JxPath in my source. I have searched in a network, but I can't find working ...
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2017-02-17 15:02 (3) Answers

Appending the same element to different elements

I have two empty select fields, I want to iterate once over some array, create an option element in each iteration, and append it to both select fields. The problem is that only the last element gets the options, the first one remains empty: HTML &...
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2017-02-17 13:02 (4) Answers

Batik event listener

I am trying to add an event listener to a DOM element Element image = svgDocument.createElementNS(Constants.SVG_NS, SVG_IMAGE_TAG); image.setAttributeNS(Constants.SVG_NAMESPACE_XLINK_URI, SVGConstants.XLINK_HREF_QNAME, "file:///" + ...
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2017-02-17 11:02 (1) Answers

XML white space formatting in Java

I've got problem with formatting white space in Java. I add new attribute to my file, but it hasn't correct format. Attr attr = doc.createAttribute("name"); attr.setValue("name"); element.setAttributeNode(attr); element.setTextConten...
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2017-02-17 11:02 (1) Answers

PHP XPath check if empty

I have this PHP code: $document = new DOMDocument(); $document->loadHTML( $html ); $xpath = new DomXPath($document); $tables = $xpath->query("//*[contains(@class, 'info')]"); $tableDom = new DomDocument(); $tableDom->appendChild($table...
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2017-02-17 09:02 (2) Answers

Inheritance and the prototype chain in DOM objects

I just need some explanation without any code samples. I know what is object, constructor and prototype. I just can't figure out how the relation between let say HTMLElement and HTMLDivElement looks like, or HTMLMediaElement and HTMLVideoElement. I k...
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2017-02-16 21:02 (1) Answers

How to measure DOM rendering time Angular 2 app?

While I am develping web application using Angular 2, I came to have question about performance test like how to measure loading time in Angular2?. Therefore, I got a very helpful answer, I could start to do performance test. However, I would like to...
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2017-02-16 20:02 (0) Answers