Monitor class events from userform

I have a userform which assembles itself at runtime, by looking in a folder and extracting all the pictures from it into image-controls on my form. What makes the process a little more complex is that I'm also using the image-controls' events to run ...
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2017-06-21 11:06 (2) Answers

Laravel Model Object Gets Created Two Times

I am creating my model object using new keyword. But each time the two objects created. My code is class DashBoardController extends Controller { public static $count=0; public function __construct() { DashBoardController::$count...
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2017-06-20 10:06 (1) Answers

VBA: Create an array of class module

I'm trying to create an array of my custom class, but it gives me this error: Run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set Here is my code so far: Sub DBM_Format() Dim coreWS As Worksheet Dim WS As Worksheet Dim ...
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2017-06-19 15:06 (2) Answers

Write a Class with Methods

I'm trying to work on writing a class that has some methods in it. and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have the following test that I need to look at in order to create this class: 'use strict'; const Editor = require('../editor'); co...
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2017-06-18 22:06 (1) Answers

Interface between class and main activity

I want to send custom SurfaceTexture I create in class to the main activity. This is the class where I create the SurfaceTexture and the interface: import; import android.opengl.GLES11Ext; import android.opengl.GLES2...
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2017-06-18 10:06 (0) Answers

Class initialization failing

# Class and Instance Variables class Dog: kind = 'canine' def __int__(self, name): = name self.tricks = [] d = Dog('Fido') e = Dog('Buddy') print(d.kind) print(e.kind) print( print( Error report:...
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2017-06-18 05:06 (1) Answers

Simple JavaScript Query

I'm just beginning to learn Javascript and I'm currently trying to use it to change the HTML of an anchor tag. I'd rather not do this by each ID as I will eventually have a few of the same anchors so I wanted to do it with a class. <div class...
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2017-06-18 01:06 (3) Answers

Class cross referencing?

I come from a C++ background and I am a bit lost without the whole pointer concept in python. Or at least it's unclear. For instance, I want to create a game of tick tack toe using OOP in Python. I have a couple classes like so: class Game(object): ...
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2017-06-18 01:06 (1) Answers

Tkinter make text that changes over time

So i wanted to create a text that appears then disappears then pops back as a different text. Is this possible without creating multiple labels with text ? here was my failed attempt ----> from tkinter import* class App(): def __init__(self,mas...
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2017-06-17 19:06 (1) Answers

Instantiate class and push to array Ruby

I'm trying to instantiate all the classes in the scenes directory and add them to my scenes array. So far the code looks like it should work but I get a strange rgexp -ct error that I can't find any answers for online. Here's my code class Game ...
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2017-06-17 17:06 (2) Answers

Text rotating flip is mirrored?

My company website has mirriored text in for the header that is front of the slider. (images change) This is only seen on some versions of IE we have had a customer tell us about it. Is there something that needs to change on my end? T...
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2017-06-16 23:06 (0) Answers

How to search for an object in HashSet?

In my Java program, the class GraphPoint describes points of a combinatorial structure using two coordinates m and n which are its only variables. I want to create an unordered set of such points: Set<GraphPoint> collection = new HashSet<&g...
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2017-06-16 03:06 (1) Answers

Building a Custom Scikit-Learn Imputer

I'm working on building a custom Scikit-Learn transformer. Specifically, my goal is to impute feature columns that apply to a user specified threshold, the fraction of instances that are not a Nan type. For example, if the threshold were set to 90% a...
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2017-06-15 21:06 (0) Answers