Undo disabling pip cache

I accidentally ran pip with the --no-cache-dir option. Now i'm running into the following error message when I try and deploy a serverless project. The directory '/.cache/pip/http' or its parent directory is not owned by the current user and the cac...
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2017-08-17 21:08 (1) Answers

PHP persistent cache data

I need to hold a semi-static large object in cache so I don't need to request it every time from database. Something like $_SESSION, but not tied to a session, because the data are common to all users. I can cache client side that data, once I got it...
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2017-08-17 18:08 (1) Answers

View Android keyboard cache

I'm trying to do vulnerability assessment on Android devices. I'd like to know if , with root permission, there's a way to view all the words saved in the cache of the Android keyboard (all the word that are suggested while typing). ...
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2017-08-17 17:08 (1) Answers

Activiti: remaining cache

Using the activiti Java API, I need to check the state of a process within a loop (with a timer). This is my test code: HistoricProcessInstanceQuery historicProcessQuery = processEngine.getHistoryService() .createHistoricProcessInstanceQue...
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2017-08-17 17:08 (0) Answers

Updating Cache in spring/Spring boot

I am working with Spring boot project and I want to implement a cache which will be taking data from a db and my api will directly contact with cache.My requirement is before Cache expires it should try to reload new data(Auto Refresh).If It gets re...
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2017-08-17 12:08 (1) Answers

Cache request from shopify proxy

I want to cache request from shopify App proxy. Here is what I try: Nginx with fastcgi enabled Requests direct to our site were cached successfully (HIT status) Requests through Shopify App proxy always failed (MISS status) My configs: nginx.con...
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2017-08-17 10:08 (0) Answers

faster selenium using cached data

i'm working on a project in c# which needs to open browser using selenium and do some job and close it. when i open xx.xx site it will be very vast by the cached data in browser but when it's opening in selenium browser it getting to long to load. is...
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2017-08-17 08:08 (0) Answers

Which Ehcache imports to use?

I am just starting out with Ehcache, and trying to cache the result of a method call in a JAX-RS framework. Can someone tell me what my class imports should be? For some reason I cant seem to find those lines in the (very confusing) examples I have r...
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2017-08-17 00:08 (1) Answers

nginx cache not working

I'm trying to set up caching in nginx (which is front ended to tomcat) but the cache is always empty. The contents of nginx.conf is below user nginx; worker_processes auto; error_log /var/log/nginx/error.log; pid /var/run/nginx.pid; # Load...
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2017-08-17 00:08 (0) Answers

Caching a list from a service call in android

I'm using retrofit2 to make a service call. One thing that I display is a list. I have no problem displaying the list even in a case where I have 242 items. The problem I have is when I select an item from the list to show in a detailed view, a sep...
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2017-08-16 23:08 (0) Answers

JavaScript Caching DOM elements weird error

I am having trouble figuring out why my code will only work after I have made a call to get a document element that isn't stored in a variable. I am trying to store some DOM references into variables but my code won't interact with the DOM unless I p...
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2017-08-16 23:08 (1) Answers

Clearing Hybrid App Cache/Memory

I am currently building a hybrid app for Android and iOS using Cordova. It has a news feed where users can view posts from other users. I was wondering if it is possible to clear the app's cache/memory so that it doesn't eventually crash due to runni...
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2017-08-16 22:08 (0) Answers

Losing Variable after Async Call

I'm not very familiar with asynchronized calls but I ran into a bit of what I think is a weird issue and not sure why it's happening. CONCEPT Call a function to retrieve data. If data is stored in our cache, we use Redis as our cache (in case it mat...
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2017-08-16 17:08 (2) Answers

Progressive Web App and caching UI

I'm developing a PWA with all functionalities (as offline, add to home screen, notification,..) but I have some problem when I try to refresh the UI. In other words, I have my PWA with the UI defined in the index.html file, the thing that I want to ...
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2017-08-16 16:08 (0) Answers

My polymer project is not up to date

I have been working on a polymer web app which I started in polymer 1.0 My problem is though i push new code some times the web app is in old version only. To solve the problem i disabled service worker(To avoid caching) and added time stamps to my b...
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2017-08-16 16:08 (0) Answers

Cache control using Meta Vs Headers

I don't have web-server under my control So to avoid cache i'm using this <meta http-equiv="Cache-Control" content="no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate"> but, this seems to be over-ridden by server E-Tag verification. Response Headers ET...
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2017-08-16 12:08 (0) Answers

nginx proxy_cache_key with a single $scheme

I have tested proxy_cache_key with a single $scheme proxy_cache_key $scheme; proxy_pass; Then I request one to cache. curl Then I requested again to confirm the cache curl
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2017-08-16 09:08 (0) Answers

Conflict Miss v/s Compulsory Miss

Compulsory miss occurs when the block is brought first time into the cache. Conflict miss in the case of set associative or direct mapped block placement strategies, conflict misses occur when several blocks are mapped to the same set. Consider a 2...
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2017-08-15 18:08 (1) Answers

Angular Cache Detail

In our project we have different roles and we save all these roles in localstorage using angular-2-local-storage. After entrance to web site with new role, because of the caching of angular, I assume, the new roles could not load normally. What can...
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2017-08-15 11:08 (0) Answers