Draw line between two divs with jQuery DOM line


I want to draw a straight line between two divs and found jQuery DOM line, which seems to be a much smaller, simpler approach than jsPlump.

I want to integrate it into my code, but it does not work. Here is my very basic example:

var fromPoint = $('#first');
var toPoint = $('#second');
$.line(fromPoint, toPoint);

As the docs tell me to do. While the console does not show any errors, the line does show itself neither. Wheres my mistake?


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  1. 2017-01-07 13:01

    Try this working code : demo

    Actually problem is $.line required object with x and y value as parameter and in above question it passes html element in $.line function. So it was not working. So I have corrected it.

    function getOffset( el ) {
        var _x = 0;
        var _y = 0;
        while( el && !isNaN( el.offsetLeft ) && !isNaN( el.offsetTop ) ) {
            _x += el.offsetLeft - el.scrollLeft;
            _y += el.offsetTop - el.scrollTop;
            el = el.offsetParent;
        return { top: _y, left: _x };
    var fromPoint = getOffset($('#first')[0]);
    var toPoint = getOffset($('#second')[0]);
    var from = function () {},
    to = new String('to');
    from.y = fromPoint.top+10;
    from.x = fromPoint.left+10;
    to.y = toPoint.top+10; 
    to.x = toPoint.left+10;
    $.line(from, to);
    console.log('All scripts runned');
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