cant send a Generic Template from messenger api (facebook)


im developing a chatbot whith messenger facebook, i already have the Greeting Text, a menu (no working yet), and a get started button, when i try testing to recive a generic template, it simply does nothing, if i change the response, a simple text, it response that text, but the generic template not, i copy the example from here:

i dont know why a cant get the generic template, if i configure to response with an image, buttons, text, all of that is sended, but the template not, this is how i configure the resonse:

$response = '{
            "title":"Sin saber, vivió casi un mes entre muertos",
            "subtitle":"Desde el lunes empezó a hacer oración para el descanso de las almas torturadas y sepultadas, afirma",
            "default_action": {
              "type": "web_url",
              "url": "",
              "messenger_extensions": true,
              "webview_height_ratio": "tall",
              "fallback_url": ""
            } ,
                "title":"Ir a"
                "title":"Start Chatting",

is trigered by a custom payload "masleidas" from quick_replies option

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  1. 2017-01-09 22:01

    According to the docs subtitle has a character limit of 80 and your example shows 99 characters in subtitle. So I think it's too many characters.

    Do you get any error returned from the FB API to your chatbot?

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