Cakephp 3 giving me Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Cake\Http\Server' not found


I have done a cakephp 2 to cakephp 3 upgrade, and that was causing problems, so I found I had to replace the app/webroot with a new set of files that were part of the cakephp 3 skeleton, but now I am getting this error:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Cake\Http\Server' not found in /usr/share/nginx/html/web/app/webroot/index.php:33 Stack trace: #0 /usr/share/nginx/html/web/index.php(47): require() #1 {main} thrown in /usr/share/nginx/html/web/app/webroot/index.php on line 33

After some research, I found this page:, which shows the classes that should be availabe, and I found that if I go to my_cake_project/web/lib/Cake and run ls I get:

basics.php bootstrap.php config Configure Controller Error I18n Log Network src tests Utility View bin Cache Config Console Core Event LICENSE.txt Model Routing Test TestSuite VERSION.txt

But I am missing several libraries that are supposed to be in CakePHP 3, including the Http folder, and I believe that is why Cake/Http/Server is not found.

I have tracked down the line that is triggering the error to this:

// Bind your application to the server.
$server = new Server(new Application(dirname(__DIR__) . '/config'));

This is in app/webroot/index.php.

I tried splitting that up to:

$a = new Application(dirname(__DIR__) . '/config');
$server = new Server($a);

just for testing, and I found that it is also saying that the Class Application can not be found.

This is the whole file of app/webroot/index.php that I have:

 * The Front Controller for handling every request
 * CakePHP(tm) : Rapid Development Framework (
 * Copyright (c) Cake Software Foundation, Inc. (
 * Licensed under The MIT License
 * For full copyright and license information, please see the LICENSE.txt
 * Redistributions of files must retain the above copyright notice.
 * @copyright     Copyright (c) Cake Software Foundation, Inc. (
 * @link CakePHP(tm) Project
 * @since         0.2.9
 * @license       MIT License (
// for built-in server
if (php_sapi_name() === 'cli-server') {
    $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] = '/' . basename(__FILE__);

    $url = parse_url(urldecode($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']));
    $file = __DIR__ . $url['path'];
    if (strpos($url['path'], '..') === false && strpos($url['path'], '.') !== false && is_file($file)) {
        return false;
require dirname(dirname(__DIR__)) . '/vendors/autoload.php';

use App\Application;
use Cake\Http\Server;

// Bind your application to the server.
$server = new Server(new Application(dirname(__DIR__) . '/config'));

// Run the request/response through the application
// and emit the response.

So I must be missing the file for the Application class too

And based on comparing what I have in lib/Cake folder with I a missing a bunch of cakephp lib folders.

I seem to be missing not just Http, but also:

`Auth`, `Collection`, `Database`, `Datasource`, `Filesystem`, `Form`, `Mailer`, `ORM`, `Shell`, `Utility`, and `Validation`

Why am I missing these?, and where or how can I find and install all the missing libraries into my cakephp appliation?

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