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I'm using python to obtain some data from a catalog in internet, I'm using urllib2 and urllib. At this point I'm able to generate the url to begin the search, for instance to look for info for a thing called "202061048" the resulting url is:

At this point I'm interested in the two variables RA and DEC (as described in the resulting page from the url above, RA=06 01 11.779 and DEC=+23 23 43.69).

My question is: How to do that? At this point I have used:

handler = urllib2.urlopen(get_url)
raw =

But I'm seeing only a bunch of code, and I'm not sure If under urllib2 is there something to obtain the info I'm looking (RA=06 01 11.779 and DEC=+23 23 43.69 values), and assign those values to a variable in python. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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