Is it possible to pass a Custom Data from the contact list into an external URL?


More specifically, what URL query parameter should I use to pass in a custom data into my URL, if possible?

For instance, I would like to pass in Custom Data 3 to my URL in the format${CustomData3}

("${CustomData3}" does not work.)

I have already asked customer support, but they said it was impossible. I was wondering if anyone else tried to do this and succeeded.

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    I'm not exactly sure what you are asking for. If you're asking if there is a way to automatically pipe custom data into an external URL, then no there isn't a way within SurveyMonkey to do that. You can pipe custom contact data into a Survey.

    But you can manually pipe contact data yourself into an external URL using the API.

    For example, you would fetch the contact details:

    GET /v3/contacts/<contact_id>

    Which will return a response with the details for that contact:

    response = {
      "id": "1234",
      "first_name": "John",
      "last_name": "Doe",
      "email": "",
      "custom_fields": {
        "1": "Mr",
        "2": "Company",
        "3": "Address",
        "4": "City",
        "5": "Country",
        "6": "Phone Number"

    And then build the URL like:

    url = "" + response["custom_fields"]["3"]

    And then redirect the user to that URL yourself. You can write a function that reads a string and replaces ${<variable_name>} with the associated custom value (or use any templating engines in whatever programming language you're using e.g. mustache).

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